I didn’t want the same ol’ for the Alien game we’ve been playing so after peeping through the interwebz, I came on this lovely:


Introducing, Honest Mistake

The U.S.C.S.S. Honest Mistake is an older Ostrrom M305 G-Class Transport. With a length of 55.2m, a beam oof 34.6m, and a draught of 28m, she has two main crew decks (A and B), and a vehicle bay/cargo bay (capable of 10 tons of cargo) on C Deck. The M305 uses vectored thrust nacelles for planetfall, and a fusion pulse drive in the main hull. Honest Mistake has an uprated FTL drive that gives her an FTL rating of 12. The standard crew complement for the class is six crew, but the airscrubbers and galley can accomodate 10. The cre accomodations are minimal, with hot swap bunks for the off-duty crew, and only a single cabin for the captain. There is a Type 337 EEV for evacuation, and a medbay that can be repurposed for basic scientific missions. The ship’s operations are overseen by an upgraded Seegson METIS artificial intelligence system, replacing in the old APOLLO system.

Additionally, Honest Mistake boasts two nose-mounted light railguns and an external bay for eight Short Lance ASAT missiles to complement the modified drone deployment system, which is now used to dispense sensor decoys in combat. The ship is commanded by Richard Dunn, a retired Weyland-Yutani ship officer, now independent. The three-man crew is also aided by an older Weyland Series 12 gynoid, Stella.

Game Stats: HULL: 5, ARMOR: 5, FTL: 12, SIGNATURE: 0, THRUSTERS +1

The ship is the design and work of Lucas Örstöm. You can find his resume and links to his Artstation page here It is used without permission, but no infringement is intended. SCR