Couple..? So many bad jokes come to mind. So what to make of this prompt?

Couple (definition)
1a: to connect for consideration together
b: to join for combined effect
2a: to fasten together : LINK
b: to bring (two electric circuits) into such close proximity as to permit mutual influence
3: to join in marriage or sexual union
Well, I met my first wife through gaming. I met my second wife through a gaming friend. So there’s that.
Gaming in many ways has allowed me to take other interests and combine — or couple — it with socializing, with storytelling, with fun. My interest in history was really enervated by playing historical roleplaying games, specifically Space: 1889 and later Hollow Earth Expedition.
At its heart, though, gaming is about connecting people, and while playing together, working in combined effort to tell a story, entertain each other, and get the hell away from the daily grind of life.