This flying boat was  premiered in 1928 and became known as the “Explorer’s Air Yacht” for it’s reliability and ability to go just about anywhere.  It was a popular plane with Pan Am, which had Charles Lindbergh in an S-38 for his exploration of South America.  Howard Hughes was going to use one for an aerial circumnavigation of the globe.

The flying boat features the same boat hull fuselage suspended by trellising from the wing and tail structure of the S-34 and S-36, but can carry ten passengers, and has stronger Pratt & Witney R-1340 Wasp engines turning out 400hp each.


Sikorsky S-38 seaplane

Size: 8   Def: 4   Str: 8   Speed: 120   Ceiling: 16,000′   Rng: 750 mi.   Hand: -2   Crew: 2   Pass: 10