While similar to its successor, the S-38, the Sikorsky S-36 is featured in our current campaign, so here it is in all its subdued glory…

Bernadette, a 1927 Sikorsky S-36 Air Yacht

The S-36 is an eight-seat flying boat first debuted in 1927, and produced for Pan American Airlines. The S-36 improved on the S-34 with room for two more passengers, double the range (with a typical range of about 750 miles, although this can be extended with extra gas tanks lashed under the wings, on top of the cabin), and Wright Whirlwind J-5 radial motors producing a total of 400hp. Like the S-34 and its successor, the S-38, these airplanes featured a boat hull fuselage that was connected to the wing and tail structure by a trellis frame. The S-36 features retractable wheels for ground landings.

Only six of these craft were built before the improved S-38 entered service in 1928.


Passengers face each other in bench seats, which face fore and aft. Bernadette began life as a Pan Am short hop airplane — she is #5 of six built, and has registry number G-AAER. Her owner, Lady Ansom-Bose, has pulled one of the bench seats to make room for a drinks cabinet near the back of the cabin, so the aircraft can only hold four passengers, now.

Size: 8   Def: 4   Str: 8   Speed: 120mph   Ceiling: 15,000′   Range: 750mi.**   Han: -2   Crew: 2   Pass: 4   Cost: $5,000 (used)

** With the external tanks for fuel, Bernadette has a range of 900mi. and a ceiling of 14,500′.