Kel-Tec is a small firearms company in florida that does excellent polymer handguns that are cheap, small, and very light. (Also, others have described their products as being the Saabs of the gun world — you either get the best gun you’ll ever own, or a nightmare that goes back to the company repeatedly….my experience has been exclusively the first.) Now they’re building a bullpup, 14-shot 12-gauge shotgun that features two side by side tube magazines. Finish off one mag, you flip a small switch at the front of the feed area under the gun to the next one. Recoil is manageable and with a foregrip on the pump, it’s very controllable.


PM: 0   S/R: 2   AMMO: 14   DC: H   CLOS: 0-9 LONG: 25-40   CON: n/a   JAM: 98+   DR: -2   RL: 5

GM Information: When swapping one mag to the other, the character must make a EF5 DEX test to switch to the new 7-round magazine.