Hudson manufacturing in Temple, Texas wanted to combine the best features of the old 1911, striker fired pistols, and create a firearm with a very low bore axis to aid in mitigating recoil and muzzle flip. they succeeded with the H9, a 15 round 9mm semi-automatic with a crisp, straight-pull trigger, excellent grip angle, and a unique locking system that helped get the recoil impulse channeled into the shooter’s hand. The result is a highly accurate pistol capable of quick follow-up shots. The weight of the pistol is on par with a 1911 or CZ-75 steel service firearm, but it does have a larger front end. The Hudson features an accessory rail for tactical light or laser on the underside of the recoil spring chamber, and it uses the easy to find S&W 5906 magazines.

Hudson_1.jpgPM: +2   S/R: 3   AMMO: 15   DC: F   CLOS: 0-4   LONG: 12-18   CON: +1   JAM: 99   DRAW: -1 COST: $1200

Note: Aaaaaand like all good things, this too shall pass. Hudson has declared bankruptcy, which is a damned shame, because I got to shoot one of these and it was fantastic. Keep an eye peeled; the prices will plummet, then tick up hard in a few years as they become a collector’s item, like the Bren Ten.


I previously posted on the SIG_Sauer P320, the handgun platform that the new M17 Modular Handgun System is based on, but with the official acceptance of the M17 by all of the US services as the replacement to the M9, I figured I’d give it another showing…

The new M17 MHS is based on the P320 family of handgun and features interchangeable grip modules and panels, has suppressor support with a threaded barrel, interchangeable slide lengths, and an integral optics mounting plate and a rail system. Instead of the double/single action hammer-fired mechanism of the M9 pistol, the M17 uses a much simpler striker-fired design pioneered by the Glock.


M17 Modular Handgun System 9mm — PM: +1   S/R: 3   AMMO: 17   DC: F   CLOS: 0-6   LONG: 12-18   CON: +1   JAM: 98+   DRAW: 0   RL: 1   COST: $700

Here’s a little something from the way-back machine for those of you who set your campaign in the classic era of the early Cold War. The Maserati A6 was a fantastic example of Italian grand touring cars from the 1950s, and was a popular platform for taking a car and having custom coachwork made for it. The most popular variant for this was the A6G two-seater coupe, which had bodies from Zagato, Pininfarina, Pietro Frua, and Ghia, to name a few.

Made from 1949 to 1956, it featured a 1.5 liter, and later a 2 liter inline-six cylinder motor that turned out between 80 and 100hp, depending on the model year. The 2L version was used in the A6GCS and produced 170hp that, through a 4-speed manual transmission, had a top speed of about 130mph.1024px-Maserati_A6G_2000_Zagato_white_vl_TCE.jpg1953 Maserati A6GCS

The car above is a prime example of a Zagato-bodied A6GCS with the larger motor.

PM: +1   RED: 5   CRUS: 60   MAX: 130   RNG: 200   FCE: 2   STR: 5   COST: (new) $2,050; (in 2017) ~$2.3 million


Wilson Combat has long been associated with producing high-quality combat and competition 1911-style pistols. The new XDC X9 was specifically created for concealed carry, and is an excellent choice for law enforcement and other agencies requiring concealability, the accuracy of the 1911 platform, and the high capacity of modern firearms.


The XDC is essentially a double stack 9mm 1911 using a widened aluminum frame. The pistol has a 4″ cone barrel with fluting in the ejection port area and a 4″ long extractor to ensure function. Loaded with 15 rounds of 9mm, it comes in at just over two pounds, a full pound lighter than it’s closest rival, the Rock Island and Para-Ordinance 2011A1 style handgun (but they pack another two rounds…) Light, small, and highly accurate, this is a great choice for those who want the ergonomics of the 1911.

PM: +1   S/R: 3   AMMO: 15   DC: F   CLOS: 0-7   LONG: 10-18   CON: -2   JAM: 99+   DR: 0   RL: 1   COST: $3000

GM Information: Magazines on this pistol are proprietary and rare. If the agent were to lose one, it would require a 50XP to have them replaced, and it would still take 24-48 hours.

On 19 January, it was announced the US military would be switching from the venerable M9 pistol (or for the civilians out there, the Beretta 92) to the SIG-Sauer P320. The P320 is based on the same concept the rather execrable P250 was — it is a completely modular design: the pistol has not just the usual Picatinny rail for a light or laser, it also has interchangeable backstraps found on many polymer-framed guns, it has a reversible magazine catch, it has kits which allow interchangeable barrel/magazines to allow a caliber swap from 9mm, to .357 SIG, .380 to .40 or .45, much like the Tanfoglio Witness. The length of the barrel/slide can be swapped out, as can the grip section from full size, to “carry”, to compact and subcompact sizes. The trigger assembly for this striker fired gun can be swapped out.


The Modular Handgun System — the military version — features an ambidextrous safety, as well as the ambidextrous slide stop (making this one of the first SIGs a lefty can use easily.) The P320 has comparable accuracy and recoil to its metal-framed cousin, the P226.

SIG-Sauer P320 9mm (MHS variant) — PM: +1   S/R: 2   AMMO: 17   DC: F   CLOS: 0-6   LONG: 12-18   CON: +1   JAM: 98+   DRAW: 0   RL: 1   COST: $700

FK BRNO is a firearms R&D company  with ties to CZ. Known for high-quality competition guns, FK developed the Field Pistol in their proprietary 7.5mm FK chambering. The 7.5FK round fires a 100gr hollow-point at a blistering 2000fps, giving the pistol a stunning accuracy of 1.8″ deviation at 100 yards! The pistol was deigned to be comfortable for use by shooters with smaller hands, and the recoil impulse is similar to that of the .40S&W. There are several sight options, from the standard three point to a “butterfly” sight for far target acquisition.


Made for hunting and competition, these are not small weapons and are heavy, but with a muzzle energy in the range of the .44 magnum and 14 rounds in the magazine, the Field Pistol has limited utility in covert operations.


PM: +2   S/R: 2   AMMO: 14   DC: I   CLOS: 0-10   LONG: 20-40   CON: +1   JAM: 99+   DR: -1   RL: 1   COST: $2500

GM INFORMATION: The 7.5mm FK round reduced armor values by 2WL (Armor that provides -4WL is good only for -2WL vs. the Field Pistol.) The pistol and its ammunition are quite difficult to procure, so requisition requests should be done at a EF3.

Q Evaluation: Holy ***. 007



The latest GT coupe from Aston Martin replaces the venerable and highly successful DB9. Powered by a 5.2 litre twin-turbo V12, the car produces a blistering 600 horsepower and 518 ft-lbs of torque. This is guided to the wheels by a rear-mounted ZF 8 speed automatic transmission that improves fuel mileage and performance over the traditional manual transmission. The DB11 can hit 60mph from a stop in 3.9 seconds and has a top speed of 200mph. (A more sedate 4l V8 is planned…)


The interior of the Aston continues the 2+2 layout, with the rear seats being more of a suggestion than something to be used. The infotainment system has a 12″ screen for sat navigation and to utilize the proprietary Aston Martin sound system. And, of course, hand-stitched leather and other natural materials for the upholstery.

PM: +2   RED: 2   CRUS: 110   MAX: 200   RNG: 260   FCE: 2   STR: 6   COST: $290,000

GM Information: The DB11 receives a -1EF to Force maneuvers and safety rolls associated with the same, however, otherwise it receives a +1EF to safety tests.