Hudson manufacturing in Temple, Texas wanted to combine the best features of the old 1911, striker fired pistols, and create a firearm with a very low bore axis to aid in mitigating recoil and muzzle flip. they succeeded with the H9, a 15 round 9mm semi-automatic with a crisp, straight-pull trigger, excellent grip angle, and a unique locking system that helped get the recoil impulse channeled into the shooter’s hand. The result is a highly accurate pistol capable of quick follow-up shots. The weight of the pistol is on par with a 1911 or CZ-75 steel service firearm, but it does have a larger front end. The Hudson features an accessory rail for tactical light or laser on the underside of the recoil spring chamber, and it uses the easy to find S&W 5906 magazines.

Hudson_1.jpgPM: +2   S/R: 3   AMMO: 15   DC: F   CLOS: 0-4   LONG: 12-18   CON: +1   JAM: 99   DRAW: -1 COST: $1200

Note: Aaaaaand like all good things, this too shall pass. Hudson has declared bankruptcy, which is a damned shame, because I got to shoot one of these and it was fantastic. Keep an eye peeled; the prices will plummet, then tick up hard in a few years as they become a collector’s item, like the Bren Ten.