This is a new pistol from Armscor in the Philippines. While built for the competition shooter market, many of the features make it an excellent service or law enforcement pistol. It features a slide cut for weight reduction, speeding function and reducing recoil, an aluminum frame with Glock-style trigger and striker to fire, and even utilizes Glock 17 magazines. The pistol is chambered for 9mm.


PM: +1 S/R: 3 AMMO: 17 DC: F CLOS: 0-7 LONG: 12-20 CON: 0 JAM: 99+ DRAW: 0 COST: $550

GM INFORMATION: The STK100 can utilize the Glock 17’s 17-round magazines, and any extended magazines for the Glock (25 or 33 round).