To those who have been purchasing my books on Kindle and Amazon. I truly appreciate the support. Sales of Perseus have been best in the US, Cawnpore — as expected — is selling better in the UK. The big surprise has been the sales on The Reluctant Imperialist — all about the same time, late August; I’m wondering if someone is using it as an assigned text?

I would love it if those who have bought and read could give a review at the Amazon Kindle pages for the respective books. It’ll help sales, and give me an idea of what I did right/wrong in these works. With work on Cubicle 7’s Marvels of Science and Industry for their Victoriana RPG line out of the way, I’m hoping to publish a modern western/murder mystery set in New Mexico, and a post-apocalyptic novel sometime in the next year, if the dissertation permits.

Once again, thanks!