I haven’t had a chance to shoot one of these, but they look like they’re about to be the 2o-teens Desert Eagle, for film-makers (it’s already being featured in Total Recall.) Stats might need a change the first chance I get to lay paws on one of these.


The Chiappa Rhino is a clever new revolver from the designer of the Mateba revolver. Chambered in .357 magnum, the revolver fires from the six-o’clock position (the bottom chamber of the cylinder) rather than the usual 12-o’clock position. This drops the bore axis dramatically and reduces recoil to almost nothing. Firing full 125 grain hot loads feels like firing a typical .38 snubnose. The sides of the cylinder are also flattened, giving it a hexagonal profile and making the weapon more concealable. It can be had in 2″, 4″, and 6″ barrels. There is a chromed-version called the White Rhino.

Accuracy on the gun is very good and it can be fired quickly, even in double-action. With practice, the Rhino is faster on follow-up shots than any magnum revolver.

PM: +1  S/R: 3   AMMO: 6   DC: H   CLOS: 0-4   LONG: 11-22   CON: +2   JAM: 99   DR: 0   COST: $750

GM nformation: The above stats are for the 6″ barrel. In the 4″, CON is +1, LONG 11-20; for the 2″ barrel, see below:

PM: 0   S/R: 3   AMMO: 6   DC: G   CLOS: 0-3   LONG: 10-18   CON: 0   JAM: 99   DR: +1

UPDATE: There’s also a .40S&W and 9x21mm IMI (used by Israeli forces) version: The only change is DC — G for the longer barrels, F for the short.

UPDATE OF THE UPDATE: There’s been a run on these puppies and quality control on the trigger group seems to be off. As a result, GM’s might want to give the player a “mushy trigger” — Jam is 96 and the gun will malfunction and be unusable with a 97+. it will need a new trigger job to work (warranty work.)