Like most of the new AR-style assault rifles, the ARX-160 is a short-gas pistol operated 5.56mm carbine using polymers for much of the body of the weapon. It has an adjustable, collapsing stock, a foregrip designed for using lights and other tactical accouterments, and comes in carbine (16″ barrel) or rifle lengths.  It uses standard AR magazines.

The ARX-160 can also be had in 6.8SPC and 7.62mm NATO, as well as 5.45x39mm (using AK magazines.)

PM: 0   S/R: 2/10   AMMO: 30   DC: I/L   CLOS: 0-15   LONG: 30-80   CON: n/a   JAM: 98+   DRAW: -2   COST: $2000

GM Information: With the stock folded, the ARX-160 has a CON of +3. In 6.8SPC the DC is J/L with a LONG: 30-90. In 7.62mm the AMMO: is 20, and the otherwise is similar to the 6.8SPC. 5.45mm is the same as the normal ARX.