From one of our readers, KJ, comes a James Bond RPG write-up for a few old friends from the 1980s:


Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV was born August 8, 1945. Both his father and grandfather were naval officers and he was born in Detroit, but raised in the region of Tidewater, Virginia. In high school, his football team won a Virginia State football championship. Some members of his family, including his mother, still reside there. His father was a naval aiator killed in Korea. He attended the US Naval Academy in Annapolis and served until 1979 when he resigned his commission at the rank of lieutenant. He was a Vietnam veterean who married a Vietnamese-French woman and has one child, Lily, by her. He was also a POW during the war. He served in Naval Intelligence and with the SEALs.

He resided in Hawaii during the 1980s, living on the estate of Robin Masters, a famed author and playboy whom he assisted early in his career as a private investigator and took over “security” for the estate. He was later returned to duty with the Navy with the rank of commander.

STR: 8   DEX: 8   WIL: 9   PER: 9   INT: 10

HTHD: A   SPD: 2   STA: 28 hr   RUN/SWIM: 25 min   CARRY: 101-150

SKILLS: Charisma 6/15, Diving 7/15, Driving 7/15, Evasion 6/14, Fire Combat 3/11, Hand-to-Hand Combat 3/11, Local Customs 7/17, Lockpicking/Safecracking 10/18, Sixth Sense 1/10, Stealth 4/13

ABILITIES: Photography, First Aid, (Languages — Vietnamese, French)

FIELDS OF EXPERIENCE: American Football, Law, Military Science, Tennis

WEAKNESSES: Close Personal Ties

HT: 6’4″   WT: 205 lbs   AGE: 35 (at show start)   Appearance: Striking   Fame: 44

WEAPON: Colt Officer’s 1911A1 in 9mm

VEHICLE: Ferrari 308GTSi (Robin Master’s)



STR: 5   DEX; 7   WIL; 9   PER: 6   INT: 13

HTHD: A   SPD: 1   STA: 28 hrs   RUN/SWIM: 25 min   CARRY: 60-100

SKILLS: Charisma 5/14, Fire Combat 7/13, Hand-to-Hand Combat 5/10, Riding 2/9

FIELDS OF EXPERIENCE: Boardgames, Botany, Economics/Business, Fine Arts, International Law, Law, Medicine/Physiology, Military Science, POlitical Science, Rare Collectibles, Tennis


HT: 5’7″   WT: 165 LBS   AGE: 61, APPEARANCE: Normal, FAME: 103

WEAPON: Webley MK VI .455 9see Q Manual, this site.)

[Editorial Note: I pulled the background on Magnum from the notoriously unreliable Wikipedia, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen the show — I remembered him being a Naval Int guy, but not a SEAL; I suspect a later addition to the show’s canon. I think the stats adequately reflect the characters based on what I remember, but if Magnum had been a SEAL, he’s a bit lightweight.

Thanks again to KJ for his write up! I may have to write up a pair of cops from Miami from the same period of TV.

And, as always, the characters and material from Magnum PI are the property of Glen Larson Productions, Belisarius Productions, and Universal Television — no infringement is intended, nor profit rendered from this; it’s an homage…]