Reader Kj got around to doing a project that I’ve been meaning to take on and haven’t gotten to, as between a 14 month old, a dissertation, and teaching university, I’ve been a bit swamped. I gave these profiles a bit a tweaking to make them fit the character bios from the show, so without further ado…

JAMES “SONNY” CROCKETT (aka Sonny Burnett)

Born in 1950, James Crockett was a promising University of Florida football player until an injury ended that career. After college, he was drafted into the US Army and did two tours in Vietnam (“the Southeast Asia Conference.”) He joined Metro-Dade Police in 1975 as a patrolman and eventually worked his way up to detective sergeant in the vice squad. He gives off a laid-back, acerbic vibe, but is a tenacious detective who has a habit of getting too into his character.

His specialty in the army was never mentioned, but Crockett is a superb pistol shot and has a tendency to move to the newest state of the art handgun throughout his career. In his Burnett cover, Sonny is loaned expensive clothes and drives a Ferrari 365GTS Daytona (and later a Ferrari Testarossa), as well as a Wellcraft Scarab powerboat. He lives on an Endeavor 40′ sailboat St. Vitus Dance with the former mascot of the UofFL, Elvis — an alligator with a propensity for eating other people’s things.

Ht: 5’11” Wt: 183 lbs Age: 34 Appearance: Attractive Fame Points: 12

STR 7 DEX 8 WIL 8 PER 9 INT 7; HTHD A Speed 2 Stamina 28 hrs Run/Swim 25 min Carry 101-150

SKILLS: Boating 6/14, Charisma 5/13, Diving 1/8, Driving 7/15, Evasion 6/13, Fire Combat 8/16, HTH Combat 3/10, Interrogation 5/12, Local Customs 7/14, Seduction 4/10, Sixth Sense 1/9, Stealth 5/13

FIELDS OF EXPERIENCE: American Football, Law, Military Science

WEAKNESSES: Addition, tobacco; Attraction to Members of the Opposite Sex, Close Personal Ties (ex-wife Caroline, son William “Billy”)


SIG-Sauer P220 .45 (in pilot): PM +1 S/R 2 AMMO 8 DC F CLOS 0-4 LONG 12-18 CON 0 JAM 99+ DRAW 0 RL1

Bren Ten 10mm (S1-2): PM +1 S/R 2 AMMO 10 DC H CLOS 0-4 LONG: 12-19 CON +1 JAM 99+ DRAW 0 RL1

Smith & Wesson 645 (S3-4), 4506 (S5): PM 0 S/R 2 AMMO 8 DC F CLOS 0-4 LONG 11-18 CON+1 JAM 98+ DRAW 0 RL 1

Backup in ankle holster, Detonics Pocket 9mm: PM: -1 S/R: 2 AMMO: 6 DC: F CLOS: 0-2 LONG: 8-16 CON: -1 JAM: 98+ DRAW: +1 RL: 1


1969 Ferrari Daytona 365GTS (S1-2): PM: +2 RED:2 CRUS: 100 MAX: 174 RGE: 200 FCE: 2 STR: 7

1886 Ferrari Testarossa (S3-5): PM: +2 RED: 3 CRUS: 100 MAX: 180 RGE: 200 FCE: 2 STR: 7 GM information: The Testarossa gets a +1EF to Pursue/Flee, but a -1EF to Double Back and Safety rolls involving its low ground clearance.

Wellcraft Scarab powerboat: PM: +2 RED: 3 CRUS: 40 MAX: 105 RGE: 250 FCE: 3 STR: 15



Originally a detective in New York City, Tubbs decided to move to Miami after tracking the murderer of his brother Rafael there. Intent on eventually catching the drug dealerEstaban Calderone, he was able to get a position with Metro-Dade’s vice division and was paired up with Sonny Crockett. He is an excellent “face man”, capable of slipping into several accents (Jamaican his preferred “cover”) and is rather fastidious about his appearance. He frequently gets too involved in the job, and has had several relationships with fellow officers, witnesses, and suspects.

Ht: 6′ Wt: 190 lbs Age: 33 Appearance: Attractive Fame Points: 10

STR: 7 DEX: 8 WIL: 9 PER: 7 INT: 8; HTHD: A SPEED: 1 Stamina 28 hrs Run/Swim 25 min Carry 101-150

SKILLS: Charisma 6/15, Drive 4/11, Evasion 4/11, Fire Combat 3/13, HTH Combat 3/10, Interrogation 3/1, Local Customs 2/10, Lockpicking/Safecracking 2/10, Seduction 7/14, Stealth 2/11


WEAKNESSES: Attraction to Members of the Opposite Sex

WEAPON OF CHOICE: S&W Model 38 “Bodyguard” .38 special PM: 0 S/R: 2 AMMO: 5 DC: F CLOS: 0-3 LONG: 8-18 CON: -1 JAM: 99 DRAW: +1 RL: 3

Ithaca 12 gauge double barrel (S1-2): PM: 0 S/R 2 AMMO: 2 DC: G CLOS: 0-3 LONG 8-14 CON: +3 JAM: 99+ DRAW: -2 RL: 2 GM Info: The short barreled double “scattergun” can act like an autofire weapon, hitting any target in a 5′ arc at medium range, 10′ at long.

Remington 870 Custom (S3-5): PM: 0 S/R: 2 AMMO: 3 DC: G CLOS: 0-3 LONG 8-15 CON: +3 JAM 98+ DRAW: -2 RL: 2 GM Information: see above

VEHICLE: 1964 Cadillac Coupe de Ville PM: -1 RED: 5 CRUS: 60 MAX: 120 RGE 220 FCE 2 STR 7