Just a thanks to all the new readers, the folks that are regulars, and double that to you who have pitched in content or regularly post. We’re up about 30% on readership this month, alone. We’re still not pulling, say, Gnome Stew numbers, but for a highly specialized game blog that deals with (mostly) dead systems, we’re doing well.

Next year, there’s a bunch of things I’m hoping will finally break loose and get moving. I’ve been heavily hamstrung with minding my little girl, but there’s preschool coming up next week, babysitters helping out, and I’ve bailed from my PhD program. As a result, I’ve turned out a film prospectus, got the starts of a novel, a short novel/novela, the beginnings of research for two more novels, and I’m hoping to turn my attention back to a James Bond RPG-related project.

But once again: thanks! And a good holiday season to all!