I’m about a quarter through writing my next novel, currently with the working title Firestorm (which is a bit pedestrian in my opinion, but will probably work well…) It’s a modern western/murder mystery set in a small new Mexico town being threatened by a massive wildfire.

Also, I’m blocking out the following novel, as well. It is tentatively titled Therapy on Two Wheels and will revolve around a widower who goes on a motorcycle trip around the country to heal himself.

Finished and turned in is a prospectus for a movie script called Only Way to Rich — a heist movie about a bunch of well-educated, but unsuccessful friends. Their hit on a casino and subsequent escape quickly goes sideways due to interpersonal issues. It might get a novel treatment if nothing comes of the film project.

There’s a good chance I may be working for Cubicle 7 again on the Victoriana line later this year. I may be contributing to the America and Africa books.

On the list is a possible Kickstarter for a “new” espionage game system from Black Campbell Publishing sometime later this year.