I’ve been tinkering with a one-off James Bond: 007 RPG game, and one of the elements was this NPC:


The daughter of a recently retired Home Office official, Sir Martin Kerr and his wife Aisling, Fiona Kerr is a recent relatively addition to the Special Operations Division of SIS. Schooled at Girton College, Cambridge University, she took a Masters in Politics and International Relations, but was better known for her athletics. A gymnast and competition runner as a youth, she had to give up the former when she “matured” in her mid-teens. She was an Olympic alternate in track in 2000.

Her highly competitive nature and her outstanding performance at Girton led to her recruitment as a field agent in 2006, where she took top marks for her marksmanship. She was linguistic aid for special operations in Iraq from 2006-2008, then was trained for close protection missions with the CPU RMP, serving in Paris and Moscow stations. Her cold efficiency drew the attention of her superiors and in 2009 she was sent through the Special Reconnaissance Programme, and served with the SRR for a year before being selected for Special Operations Programme.

She passed the SAS-sponsored courses, taking top marks in the sniper course, but barely passing the field course in Scotland. Her urban environment training however, was passed with ease. She was made SOD in 2011 and given the code number 005 to replace her original codename Kite.

Ht: 5’6″   Wt: 130 lbs   Appearance: Striking   Age: 33   Fame: 85   Rank: 005

STR: 8   DEX: 12   WIL: 10   PER: 12   INT: 10; HTHD: A   STA: 30 hr.   RUN/SWIM: 25 min   CARRY: 101-150   SPEED: 3

FIELDS OF EXPERIENCE: Computers, Golf, International Law, Military Science, Political Science, Skydiving

SKILLS: Boating 5/17, Charisma 10/20, Cryptography 5/15, Demolitions 5/15, Disguise 7/19, Diving 6/16, Driving 8/20, Evasion 10/20, Fire Combat 13/25, Hand-to-Hand Combat 8/16, Interrogation 10/20, Languages: Arabic 10/20, French 10/20, Italian 10/20, Russian 8/18, Spanish 10/20; Local Customs 10/22, Lockpicking/Safecracking 5/17, Moountaineering 6/15, Riding 5/16, Seduction 10/20, Sixth Sense 6/17, Stealth 12/23

WEAKNESSES: Close Personal Ties, Overly Competitve

PREFERRED WEAPON: Kel-Tec P32 .32 (undercover work), Walther PPQ 9mm, Accuracy International AWR .338 Lapua rifle

VEHICLE: Ferrari California (black) with Level II armor, tear gas system, hidden compartment for weaponry

COMMON GADGETS: Samsung Nexus 4 (gotta have that product placement!) w/ remote control for Ferrari and taser case.