The exchange between Runesligner and myself on the spectrum of play was interesting and informative, and has been getting consistently good page views. Thinking on it, there have been a lot of good comments from other readers that most likely don’t get viewed by the casual reader, so here is my casual, but official, call for folks to submit response pieces to The Black Campbell. If you’re on WordPress, it’s as simple as asking me to reblog a post on your site, but for folks on other blog platforms, or who want to toss out a 500-1500 word opinion piece on the subject of gaming — from reviews, to gamemaster and player tips, to general theory on the hobby — contact me in comments here and I’ll will gladly host a guest post.

No, I won’t pay you, and my only request is I have the right to “publish” the piece for the life of the blog. (That’s because I’m too lazy to go through and delete them…)