It’s officially the fifth year of the Black Campbell blog. What started out as an all-purpose forum for my blather quickly bifurcated into a blog on gaming, movies, science and science fiction, and the occasional filler; and another on politics, history, and everything else I care to pontificate on.

There’s been a few readers that have stuck with the blog for years, and still comment from time to time; there are other readers that have become good acquaintances (can you really be friends if you’ve never met..? I suppose it’s possible.)

I’ve thought to expand the scope out of the niche games and general game review/theory that defines Black Campbell, but well — I like it here. So for those of you who regularly lurk or read or comment — thanks for sticking with me, and hopefully for you lurkers you’ll find a reason to engage with the other readers in the comments. Gaming’s a social hobby; let’s make this a place folks can feel comfortable to chat about the material presented here…