I’m supposed to be trading my .45 1911 for one of these this weekend, so the specs might change once I’ve had a chance to shoot it.

ROCK ISLAND .22TCM 1911 Fullsize


There are currently a few versions of the 1911 Fullsize for .22TCM, and a commander-sized “Midsize”, but they are exclusively manufactured by Armscor (as is the ammunition.) The idea is similar to that of the 5.7x28mm cartridge — a light, fast bullet that minimizes recoil, increases accuracy and armor penetration, and give a large magazine capacity. The .22TCM uses a 40 grain bullet moving at between 1900-2100fps with a muzzle energy between 312-375 ft lbs. (I chrono’ed the stuff I shot at 2050 average.)

The platform is a double stack (although there is a single stack available) 1911-style pistol. The quality of manufacture is very high, although the standard grips are awful (at least the ones with the finger groove, but some folks like those), and has an excellent trigger, which aids in the accuracy of the gun. The .22TCM and 9mm barrels can be swapped quickly, and gives the shooter the ability to use different ammo; the magazine used is the same 18-round double stack. There are reported issues with the last round of the magazine “jamming” because the slide stop engages early, but I had none of that in my original magazine. The new one I bought, however, did, and the culprit is the follower is not shaved appropriately. Ammunition availability for .22TCM can be problematic, but it’s plentiful online.

The handgun does not fit standard fitted 1911 holsters like the SERPA, etc.

PM: +1   S/R: 3   AMMO: 18 (17 in 9mm)   DC: F (G in 9mm)   CLOS: 0-7   LONG: 12-20   CON: +1   JAM: 99   DRAW: 0   RL: 1   COST: $700

GM Information: The .22TCM ammunition will reduce personal armor ratings by a DC step, but the DC against inanimate objects (cars, etc.) is reduced one. The barrels can be swapped in about a minute. The 9mm barrel does not give the armor bonus, nor does it lose DC against inanimate objects.