Here’s a few characters to fit in the early Cold War:

Artemis Campbell

Concept Aspect: Smuggler Queen; Omega Aspect: The Med is Mine

MODES: Master Criminal +3: Notice +5, Combat, Contacts, Deceive, Stealth, Vehicles+4; Cold Warrior for Capitalism

Action +2: Provoke +3; Aspect: Former Greek Partisan Fighter

Intrigue +1; Big Swiss Bank Account

STUNTS: Deep Cover: Use Deceive for Provoke/Rapport when in disguise; Die Another Day: Fate point to concede after defense; Little Black Book: When in a new town, etc. Contacts v. +4 to gain contact-based aspect with free invoke, can trade invoke for second aspect;

MEGA-STUNT (1940s): Pikros (MAS-205); Function: Fast Torpedo Boat; Flaw: Seen Better Days; Fast Boat — +2 to overcome with vehicles in chase; Smuggling Hold — +2 to defend against searches.


MEGA-STUNT (1950s): Ariel, Function: 60′ Yacht; Flaw: Wind-Powered; Smuggler’s Hold — +2 to defend against searches; A Beautiful Boat — +2 to create social aspect with Rapport when Ariel is involved.

sylphe under spi 1

STRESSES: Physical: 3, Mental: 3

Major John Nolan, USAR, OSI

This is a post-war version of Nolan, now working for the new Office of Scientific Intelligence.

Concept Aspect: Cold Warrior; Omega Aspect: Same war, different tactics…

MODES: Secret Agent +3: Contacts +5, Deceive, Notice, Vehicles +4; Aspect: Protecting the free world.

Soldier +2: Will +3; Aspect: Things were simpler during the war…

Banter +1; Aspect: The truth is complicated…

STUNTS: Cover Story: Use Deceive to defend against interrogation; Mega-Stunt Gear: 1/volume, can spend a point to have high tech gear with a rating no higher than his Contacts; Got It Off a Nazi Officer…: +1 to combat with a Weapon 1 (Walther P-38 9mm); Signature Aspect: Our Best Man…; Shake It Off: 1/scene, can check two physical stress boxes & add values, then soak that number of physical shifts.

STRESSES: Physical: 3, Mental: 3

Nigel Rainey

Concept Aspect: Cat Burglar Turned Spy; Omega Aspect: Better than prison…

MODES — Intrigue +3: Notice +5, Athletics, Burglary, Contacts, Deceive, Stealth +4; Aspect: I thought you were in jail…

Secret Agent +2: Vehicles +3; Aspect: Jet-Setter

Actions +1; Aspect: Combat means you screwed up.

STUNTS: Come Alone: +2 to overcome w/ contacts when alone & meeting contact; Deep Cover: Use Deceive for Rapport or Provoke when under cover; Didn’t See Me Coming: Use Stealth for Combat when your target is unaware of you; Master Plan: Allies can invoke an aspect you’ve made at +3; Second Story job: +2 Athletics for climbing.

STRESSES: Physical: 4, Mental: 2

 Richard Crichton

Concept Aspect: The Wheelman; Omega Aspect: Adventure is Calling!

MODES: Wheelman +3: Notice, Vehicles+5, Contacts, Mechanic +4; Aspect: If it’ll start, I can drive it.

Action +2: Athletics +3; Aspect: Race care driver

Intrigue +1; Aspect: High Profile is my cover

STUNTS: Bar Room Brawler: +2 Combat using fists; Just a Good Ol’ Boy: +2 with Vehicles to create aspect with stunt maneuver; Peddle to the Metal: +2 vehicle to overcome in a chase; Quick! Turn Here!: In a chase, use Vehicle for Stealth to hide from pursuer; Rev’ It: Use Vehicle for Provoke to intimidate with a vehicle.

STRESSES: Physical: 3, Mental: 2