Need a cool base of operations for your bad guy — nothing too ostentatious, but a great set piece for that sneak & peak..? Here’s the dead sexy Plamer Johnson Yards’ 48m Supersport yacht…


The 48m has a beam of 11m (158.4′ long, 36.3′ wide for you imperial units types) of hull and superstructure made out of carbon fibre and aluminum, giving it a gross tonnage of 490Tn. It is pushed by two MTU 16V 2000 M94 engines which get the beast up to 32 knots and gives the 48m a 130 hour range at normal cruising speeds of about 10 knots, this is halved at full speed.

Inside this futuristic hull is a seven meter tender speedboat, a 13m long main salon, 105 square meters of aft deck space, 31 square foot sun deck, and a 6x11m main cabin with floor to ceiling windows. There’s space for 12 passengers and nine crew members.




PM: -1   RED: 4   CRUS: 10   MAX: 32   RNG: 150   FCE: 35   STR: 1470   COST: ~ $50 million (est.)

And the deck plans…