My daughter got a little diecast of one of these, and I’d never seen one. After a bit of research, I decided we needed something from the “ordinary” end of Euro sports cars:


This mid-engine two-seater was built from 2001-2005 by Lotus for Opel of Germany, but there is also a Vauxhall-badged VX220 in Britain. Built on the Lotus Elise platform, the Opel uses a General Motors Ecotec Z22SE 2.2 litre engine (making it more powerful, at the time, than the Lotus Elise, itself),  and later a turbocharged 2L Ecotec punching out 200hp for a 2050 pound car (the chassis is glass-reinforced plastic.) It hits 60mph from a dead stop in 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 150mph.


PM: +1   RED: 4   CRUS: 75   MAX: 150   RNG: 200   FCE: 2   STR: 4   COST: $40,000

GM Information: The Speedster gains a +1EF to Pursue/Flee tests.