OTs-28 Stetchkin “Silent” Revolver

tumblr_o0a6kyrPkc1uryk28o1_1280A 5-shot 7.62x43mm pistol in service with the Russian Internal Service (I guess KGB is out of style…) since 2002, the OTs-38 uses a specialized cartridge first developed in the 1970s that is it’s own sound suppressor. A special necked cartridge captures much of the gasses from firing and makes the revolver not much louder when fired than simple dry firing. Due to the lower impulse, the 7.62mm, 143 grain round is moving at only 660 feet per second and quickly loses velocity, making this a very close proximity weapon.

The revolver features several strange elements: the barrel is actually below the pivot point for a swing out cylinder, which opens to the right, and this reduces recoil to almost nothing. The rounds are rimless and held in place my “moon clips” similar to older .45ACP caliber revolvers. It features a safety catch — unusual in revolvers — allowing to be safely carried with the hammer cocked.


PM: +1   S/R: 2   DC: D   CLOS: 0-3   LONG: 8-15   CON: -2   JAM: 99+   DR: 0   RL: 2   COST: ~$800

GM Information: The Stetchkin makes almost no noise when fired and give a -2EF to Perception tests to locate (or even identify there is) a shooter. Armor or cover value doubles, and there is a -1 WL penalty toward vehicles or other inanimate objects.