In the course of play last night, the players encountered a flying saucer from Atlantis. This vessel, the Flying Saucer Aruna, is too much fun not to share —


Flying Saucer Aruna

Size: 4   Def: 6   Strc: 10   Spd: 350   Han: +2   Crew: 2   Pass: 16; Weaponry: Dual Heat Ray Turret — Size: 1, Damage: 10L, Range: 500′   Rate: Beam** Speed: A

** The “beam” rate is the same as autofire; the turret can sweep targets with a steady beam of death. The ray guns will work as long as Aruna has power. Aruna‘s power crystals are sensitive to power foci that effect magical ability.

Aruna and similar light saucers have a diameter of about 30′ and the crew compartment is circular, occupying about half the actual space of the disk. On the Atlantean suacers, there is usually an Atlantean swastika of some form:

atlantean swastika.png

Image of the saucer is copyright Dimitar Marinov and used without permission. No infringement is intended, so if you want it pulled, D, just say so. SCR