One of the big bads, Captain Thoth, has been chasing the characters around with a fleet of flying saucers. Most of them are smaller vessels, like Aruna or Agni , but the head of Atlantis’ secret police is toddling around in a super-szied version, Durga.

War Saucer Durga

At 60 feet in diameter and with eight dual heat ray batteries at the rim (above and below!) of the machine, Durga is an imposing craft. (The landing gear of the vessel retract into spaces proximate of the cannons.) As with most of the Atlantean craft, she bear the swastika of life and change, but the upper dome is also painted in the eight-pointed starburst of General Inanna’s flag.


The outer third of the saucer is primarily drive and weapons spaces, and the internal layout has a central command desk with four radial crew spaces that then curve to the right, mirroring their flag.


The flag of Atlantis

The vessel can carry approximately two platoons of troops and their gear in tight quarters. In local memory, no one has heard of one of these machines being destroyed.

SIZE: 8   DEF: 4   STRC: 24   SPD: 350   HAN: +2   CREW: 10   PASS: 24; 16 Dual Heat Ray Batteries —   Damage: 10L   Rng: 500’   Cap: n/a   Rate: Beam**   Spd: A

**Beam weapons fire like autofire weapons. Use the same rules.


Command flag of Gen. Inanna

Battle Flyer Shiva


But it is the aerial warship Shiva that is most terrifying in the Atlantean arsenal. At a wondrous 900′ from stem to stern, almost 600 across the beam, and with seven decks — including a launch and recover deck amidships for light saucers — Shiva is the only one of her kind left flying. A dozen repulsion units keep her in the air, and she carries a massive broadside of heat ray batteries. She can — if she sacrifices some of her lift — pack up to 500 troops into the vessel or a dozen smaller saucers. It is rumored the Emperor has a stateroom aboard her from which he can look down on his domains.

Shiva usually patrols the skies above Atlantis, and is commanded by General Inanna, if the emperor does not take personal control.

SIZE: 16   DEF: 2   STRC: 36   SPD: 200   HAN: 0   CREW: 50   PASS: up to 500; 20 Dual Heat Ray Batteries (2 fore and aft, 16/broadside) —   Damage: 10L   Rng: 500’   Cap: n/a   Rate: Beam**   Spd: A; Bomb bays — Damage: 12L (area), Cap: 24 Rate: A   Spd: S