Black Campbell’s first adventure/module/booklet/whateverthe kids are calling them these days is live at DriveThru RPG and Set in 1936, it follows a band of explorers into the heart of darkness, looking for a lost biologist and his mythic White Ape of the Congo. It’s designed for two to six players, should take about four hours, and has a lot of tips for using the adventure in an existing campaign.

There is a Ubiquity version for you fans of Hollow Earth Expedition, as well as a Fate version.

The cover was done by comic book artist Bill Forster:


Interior art was by yours truly, with Jim Sorenson of Transformers fame doing layouts, and a last minute save on file size by my wife Susan! It’s 18 pages for Fate, 20 for Ubiquity of pulpy goodness and priced comparably with adventures of the same size at $2.50.

Have a look!