The Fate version of The Queen of the Orient has been approved and a proof copy is on route. After I confirm there are no glaring errors, it should be ready for sale.


We hit a few snags in the last week on the print version of The Queen of the Orient — there were some issues with getting the cover set up to Lightning Source’s liking, then yours truly biffed it setting up the spine size…I took the wrong page count (remember to add the Roman numeral pages, kiddies!) so it got rejected and bounced back. The proper page count was adopted, the new templates received, fixed, and sent in…so now it’s with the printers again. Fingers crossed, we should have QOTO live as a print on demand book in Ubiquity and Fate within the next week.


Our latest release, The Queen of the Orient, is now available for the Ubiquity and Fate role playing systems on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow! The ebook comes with a period-accurate map of Shanghai (in PDF).

cover small.png

The Queen of the Orient features information on the history of the city and the three municipal entities — the International Settlement, the French Concession, and the native City Government of Greater Shanghai. There is information on the infamous Green Gang (Qing Bang) that ran much of the crime in “the most dangerous city in the world”, as well as their opponents: the yakuza, the Triads, and  the Shanghai Municipal Police.

Crime is a close cousin of espionage, and Shanghai was a hot-bd of that. Chinese communists and Soviet allies, the Nationalist government of the Republic of China, British intelligence, the Japanese kempaitai were all active in the city. Everything you need to create a living, breathing Shanghai for your 1903 pulp game is here.

The ebook/map is $9.99, the print version (which will include the ebook and map) should drop next week at $19.99.

Here are the links for the Fate version and the Ubiquity version.

A note on the map — there’s no print version right now because the size of the thing is not supported by DriveThruRPG’s POD service — it’s a whopping 86×55″! You could possibly find a local shop that could print the thing as a poster.

qoto cover

As we slide into home for The Queen of the Orient, our sourcebook on 1930s Shanghai, I thought it was time to slap together our first series of adventures for Fate and Ubiquity into bundles.

Now you can get the jungle adventure The White Apes of the Congo, a murder whodunit with Murder on the Hindenburg, spy action during the 1936 Olympics in The Zugspitze Maneuver, a race for The Illuminati Treasure, and the mystical secrets of the Orient in The Death Jade in the Thrilling Action Stories! bundle for $7.50.

Just hit the link for the version you’re interested in, and once again — thank you!

thrilling action stories

The price on all Black Campbell adventures on DriveThruRPG have been reduced to $1.99!


So…my daughter was playing “animal rescue” with me this morning and at one point we needed to leave the HQ in her cardboard box “jetski snowmobile…with wings that pop out…” to save the jaguars. We were going to find them at the jaguar temple.

So — the next adventure scenario for fate and Ubiquity will be Secrets of the Jaguar Temple. It will take place in Mexico, most likely, about 1937. There will be a temple. And jaguars. No word yet on the possibility of jetskis that turn into snowmobiles.