The second release for Black Campbell Entertainment is nearing completion — this will be an adventure scenario for Fate and Ubiquity, as with The White Ape of the Congo. Currently, it’s looking like it’s going to come in around 20 pages, with art and maps and will most likely sell for $4.99.

The Zugspitze Maneuver is a spy thriller that takes place during the 1936 Winter Olympics in Germany. The characters have to make contact with a operative who has Gestapo list of suspected private and government agents working against the Nazis that needs to get to your employer so they can protect them.

Writing, interior art, and editing is complete, and layouts have begun. The cover art will be by Matt Bohnhoff. We’re shooting for release in the first week of December, if all goes well.

Following that will by The Death Jade (working title) — set during in China on the eve of the Second Sino-Japanese War.