Here’s the cover of our latest offerings for Ubiquity and Fate:


Set in 1936 during the Winter Olympics in Garmich-Partenkirchen, the adventure revolves around rescuing a spy inside the Nazi government and a list of people the SS are targeting. There’s four pre-generated characters designed to fit the scenario. The maps and cover are done by Matthew Bohnhoff, probably best know for The Shrieker podcast. (Here’s the episode where he interviewed me, prior to Black Campbell getting off the ground…)

We were going for a 1930s movie one-sheet crossed with a travel poster from the period. It is on sale through Drive Thru RPG at a cost of $2.50.

Just up today is  Murder on the Hindenburg, on DriveThruRPG for Ubiquity and Fate role playing games.


This 22-page adventure scenario is in the style of the ’30s closed-room murder mysteries. You’ve taken a flight on the most prestigious and modern means of transatlantic travel there is. Two days to Europe surrounded by the rich and famous of the world. But when steel magnate Stefan von Eckhardt dies under mysterious circumstances, it’s up to you to find out who the killer is before Hindenburg reaches Frankfurt!

The adventure has four pre-generated characters that would well fit the scenario, but players could easily make or substitute their own. It was designed to be played in a single session of two to three hours.

Matthew Bohnhoff, again, did duty for the cover, trying to get a mix of the ’30s movie one sheet and the actual DZR and DELAG posters by Jupp Wiertz (the following was the inspiration for the cover…)