After four months of working full-time at a local high school and teaching a half-time load at the local community college, I finally got a week off. Most of that has been spent getting all the stuff that went over the side with the workload, including the editing on the upcoming The Sublime Porte — a sourcebook to 1930s Istanbul for Ubiquity (and specifically Hollow Earth Expedition) and Fate. We’re still waiting on the artwork, but as soon as that is in, the final prep on the book will get underway. I had been hoping for an October release, but January now seems the most likely timeframe.

That said, I’ve also got about 40 pages of notes for a Rio de Janeiro book, so that will probably be the new project for Black Campbell.

I’ve got about three weeks left, then the college gig is over until Fall of next year (earliest), and I should be able to start punching out material again.