Sorry for the quiet these last few months. I started working at a local high school that services about 45% native, and 45% Hispanic populations. It’s a poor district with lots of the usual administrative fuckitude, and even more idiocy coming from the new government up in Santa Fe. In addition to a full time gig, i was also working a quarter-time load at the local community college teaching US history. Toward the end of the semester, I volunteered to cover for a teacher that had quit, giving me an extra section of Government (civics, to the rest of the world).

I worked myself waaaaay to hard, and that slowed the release of The Sublime Porte, our new city sourcebook for Fate and Ubiquity. (The art’s also far behind schedule; the maps are proving to be a bitch to do), and cut into my blog time.

Next semester, I’m forgoing a gig at the college, and focusing on the high school since they’re buying out my prep time to keep me on the extra section, but I’m hoping this will translate into more time to write and get things done.

Next up: a playtest review of Alien. Discovery series ships for the CODA Star Trek. A reiew of Arcadia and Odyssey of the Dragonlords, both Greek-inspired setting for D&D. Reviews of the Eaglemoss Battlestar Galactia and Discovery models. (The gist: they’re great!) Probably some new weapons for the old James Bond RPG combined with reviews of some of the new weapons I’ve tested and/or bought.