Phantom Badger Light Assault Vehicle


The US Navy needed a small, light combat vehicle for reconnaissance, rescue, or combat situations that could be dropped from the V-22 OSprey. What they got was the Phantom Badger by Boeing. It crams a 240hp multi-fuel motor and five personnel into a jeep-like chassis that is just 60 inches wide, barely 13 feet long and has a range of roughly 300 miles.

The Phantom Badger has four wheel drive and steering, allowing for incredibly tight turning radiuses, and can ford up to three foot deep waters, hit 80mph on a paved road, and has interchangeable parts with most other US military vehicles, as well as a modular rear deck that can be reconfigured with a simple wench set.

The craft can either use a .50 caliber M2A1 machinegun on the rollbar behind the driver’s compartment; and two M249 5.56mm SAW for the two rear-facing seats; or it can carry up to six litters for wounded. One can be carried in a V-22, two in a Chinook helicopter or C-130, and ten can fit in a C-17 transport.

PM: +1   RED: 4   CRUS: 50   MAX: 80   RNG: 300   FCE: 2   STR: 5   COST: n/a

GM Information: The Phantom Badger receives a +1EF for off-road conditions. In a roll-over crash, the passengers receive the same damage as the craft, rather than one WL lower.