Yes, there’s only ten of them, and yes, they were built just for the movie…what Aston called  “bespoke sports car.” (Interesting idea — in the past, there were hordes of coachworks firms that would take a base vehicle and trick it out to the customer’s specifications…could this be a new area of opportunity for the pricey supercar industry?)


The DB10 sits on the Victor Hotel (VH) platform and is driven by the same engine 4.7 litre motor as the V8 Vantage and the same 6-speed manual transmission. With similar weight, horsepower (400hp or so), tires, etc., that would give the DB10 the following stats:

PM: +2   RED: 3   CRUS: 90   MAX: 175   RNG: 220   FCE: 2   STR: 6   COST: bespoke

GM Information: The DB10 receives a +1 to Safety tests.

Here she is…

Stay tuned tomorrow for Hinx’s ride — the Jaguar C-X75.