After decades of punching out good adventure scenarios that only see the light of day with my groups, and to a lesser extent the readers of this page, I decided to attempt to do more with these games than reminisce…

And so, Black Campbell Entertainment has gotten it’s federal and state business licenses, so we are officially in business! Right now, we’re concentrating on getting out a series of pulp-oriented game modules or adventures or whatever the hell we’re calling them these days.

The first is The White Apes of the Congo. This will be a 35ish page adventure book that will come in a few flavors — Ubiquity (Hollow Earth Expedition), Fate (Spirit of the Century), and Savage Worlds — with cover art by comic artist Bill Forster.

After that, we will have a 1936 spy adventure, and another set in Shanghai where the players are looking for a mystical, or cursed, MacGuffin.

Following these baby steps, we’re looking at period-specific setting books: 1930s Shanghai and Istanbul, noir Los Angeles, Victorian London… And in the offing, a modern espionage game.

We’re also working on a screenplay.

Stay tuned. Big changes coming sometime around October.