Evil Hat — the makers of many Fate titles — has a Kickstarter campaign going to help finance their next run of product. For each $20 bid you get one of their print books of your choice.


At least the Majestic 12 book for Atomic Robo has been funded…now if we can just get a few thousand more, they’ll been releasing the Atomic Robo version of the system to their open license.

No contest: Atomic Robo by Evil Hat. If you want to know why, hit up the comic’s site at Atomic Robo.com and read the whole thing for free. Then go purchase the graphic novels, you cheap bastids!

Despite a dickish Twitter exchange with one of the creators, I am still a firm Atomic Robo fan and have Comixology on the iPad set to let me know every time a new comic drops. So i was very happy to hear an RPG of the comic was coming, and despite the rules being FATE, I signed the group up for playtesting. We didn’t get to do as much as I hoped, thanks to folks leaving New Mexico or finding gainful employment that prevented them from playing, but it looks like the game is finally here.

You can now preorder Atomic Robo through Evil Hat’s website. Clickenze here to do so.



I’m amused. The artist for one of my favorite comic books has no sense of humor. I am, apparently, an “ignorant over-privileged right-wing fuck” responding to a retweet saying “[Mitt Romney]’s not afraid to face a ravening, grasping horde of subhumans, because that’s how he sees poor people already.” My response, “They’re not?” A quick review of my tweets would show I’m a sarcastic bastard. I’m also a writer and college prof and a full-time dad…so I’m not exactly rolling in dough, myself. I suppose my response should have been “We’re not?” to maximize the effect, but hey — shoulda woulda coulda.

Of course, he gets butthurt and flies into a multi-tweet response (that’s when you know someone’s really mad at you!)

As a poor person (and most comic creators are extremely poor) I would say no. Y’see, we dangle at the end of a very-

long and predatory business model where @bclevinger and I do 90% of the work and reap 10% of the reward. Many poor —

poor people also exist in similarly unfair and unbalanced work situations. We work long hours for little reward. So–

on behalf of my fellow poor grasping subhumans let me answer with a NO. You ignorant over-privileged right-wing fuck

So, because he’s a poor person he’s outrageously outraged! My response to Scott Wegener is pretty simple: 1) You aren’t poor due to the predatory business model…you’re poor because you chose a poor career path. So did I (several times, actually.)

2) You went into comics despite the fact that there is a long, well-published set of data on exactly how truly awful the publishers of comics are to the talent. I can only assume you value your creative work and lifestyle more than money…so what’s the beef? If you want to eat and be happy in your work, get yourself a well-paid spouse or lover; or a day job you despise. Hell, I soldiered just to make ends meet.

3) There’s a remarkably wide swathe for people out there who don’t fit into the “left wing/right wing” pigeon holes. I know that requires a ore nuanced view of politics than the traditional and simplistic, Manichean, us/them political spectrum, but it will make your insult sting if you actual have an idea of who your are attempting ad hominen attacks on.

Lastly, this is a prime example of my axiom, “The offense lies with the Offended.” If you want to get butthurt over something somebody said, if you want to give them power over your emotional state — that wasn’t their doing. That was yours. If you had the power of your convictions, you’d have shrugged me off as a troll and gotten on with the next issue of the excellent Atomic Robo (Yes — I’m even plugging his material!)

He might need one of these…

I’m going to go lord it over my serfs now. Everyone have a great day!

W00t!, as the kids say: Looks like my gaming group has managed to get itself into the Atomic Robo RPG playtest.


Oh, and just in case you haven’t had a chance to read any of these excellent pulp comics, here’s the first volume, second volume, third volume, fourth volume, fifth volume at Amazon.com. You can also get them through Comixology on the iPad (and I’m assuming other e-reader doodads.)

And no — I’m not being paid for recommending the books. They’re just that good.

This time I went pulp with a version of an old Hollow Earth Expedition character, Gorilla Ace!

GORRILA ACE! (aka Rowland Cabot)

Affiliations: Solo d6, Buddy d10, Team d8

Distinctions: Barnstormer, Freak of Science!, It’s a Talking Gorilla!

POWER SETS: Man Turned Gorilla! Enhanced Reflexes d8, Enhanced Strength d8, Enhanced Senses d8, Enhanced Durability d8; SFX, Berserk: Borrow a doom pool die for an action, return it with a step up afterward; SFX, Second Wind: Move physical stress to doom pool for a +1 step on a die during an action; Limit, Science Gone Wrong!: 1pp when affected by Nazi science  or tech.

Specialities: Acrobatic Expert, Combat Expert, Vehicle Master

Milestones: A Talking Gorilla! 1XP when he surprises crowds with his intelligence, 3XP when he uses a power stunt to save a person, 10XP when he sacrifices himself to save others.

Damn These Nazis! 1XP when he becomes involved in any adventure fighting other Nazi science experiments gone wrong, 3XP when he goes berserk on Nazis, 10XP when he stops a major Nazi superscience plot, or turns his back on aiding in stopping the same.

Rowland Cabot was a WWI pilot from Yorkshire who had been a barnstormer for the last decade and a half when he stumbled into a Nazi plot to create strange hybrids of man and beast. While in the middle of battling the bad guys, he was accidentally infected with Gorilla Serum, turning him into a Gorilla-Man.

And here’s my take on a similarly flavored character, Atomic Robo (read the comic…right now!)


Affiliation: Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8

Distinctions: Born of Science!, Curious, Stubborn


Tesla’s Robot Man: Superhuman Strength d10, Superhuman Durability d10, Superhuman Stamina d10, Enhanced Senses d8; SFX, Second Wind: Can shift physical stress to the doom pool in exchange for a +1 step on an action; Limit: Cannot heal physical trauma. Must be repaired by another character/NPC.

Gadgets Galore: Weapon d8, Enhanced Durability (Armor vest) d8; SFX, Pockets: 1PP to gain a d6 asset; SFX, Totemic Weapon: Gains d6 to pool when using his Webley MK VI .455 or his new Chiappa Rhino .357 revolvers; Limit, Gear

Specialities: Combat Expert, Crime Expert, Science Master, Tech Master, Vehicle Expert

Milestones: Tesladyne & the Action Scientists: 1XP when he uses Tesladyne assets or the Action Scientists in a mission, 3XP when he uses an asset or complication involving Tesladyne, 10XP when his actions improve or harm the reputation of Tesladyne, or lead to the injury/death of a colleague.

Weird Science! 1XP whenever confronted with a mystery involving weird science, 3XP when he uses science or tech-based stunt to thwart bad guys, 10XP when he solves a mystery involving weird science, or is bested by his opponent using the same.