My father had Alzheimers and died of it.  It’s a terrifying, hateful disease that slowly destroys the personality of the victim, rolling back your memories over time until you no longer know the people and events going on around you.  I will admit a certain fear of this illness, as someone who has worked hard most of him life to train his mind.

Baxter has a new treatment for Alzheimers that has just cleared Phase II clinical trials: Gammagard.  Aricept (Pfizer) has been on the market for a while and shows some signs of slowing the progression of the disease, but initial investigations for Gammagard look to not only stop the progression, but occasionally reverse the effects of memory loss.

Here’s hoping the drug works.  With an aging population (30 million are thought to have some stage of Alzheimers), combating dementia is a burgeoning need.