Born in 1894 to a line of very log-lived and accomplished Sephardic Jews in Barcelona, he was the first of three sons. His father was a surgeon, and his mother a concert pianist. He followed his father into medicine, training as a doctor and surgeon at the Universidid de Madrid in 1912 and graduating in 1916. He was one of the first doctors to be required to have a residency, which he did under his father’s tutelage at the Hospital del Mar.

He had several strikes against him in his early life: Jewish, socialist, and most damning, he “seduced” the daughter of the Marquise de Azaña, Inez. H met her at a performance of Don Giovanni in 1924, and the coupe fell madly in love. Their tryst was discovered by her brother, Manuel Azaña y Vega — a highly-placed member of the Civil Guard, who brought him up on false charges. He was given the option of exile or trial, and he has been on the move ever since, plying his services in various places.

After the collapse of the military junta in 1931, he thought he might be able to return home, only to be nearly murdered by the police. He fled to Equatorial Guinea as a company doctor for the Empressa Maderera Ecuatorial, a mining company in the mountains.

He is exceptionally well-read and educated, an excellent and experienced trauma surgeon, and is very well traveled.

Archetype: Doctor   Motivation: Escape   Style: 5   Health: 5

Body: 2, Dexterity: 3, Strength: 2, Charisma: 3, Intelligence: 4, Willpower: 3

Size: 0, Move: 5, Perception: 7, Initiative: 7, Defense: 5, Stun: 2


Traits: Agile, Atlantean Blood, Intelligent, Skill Mastery (Academics and Science), Weird Science (Biology)

Flaws: Addiction (alcohol), Condescending, Hunted, Weirdness Magnet

Languages: Spanish and Hebrew (native); Arabic, English, French, German, Portuguese

Skills: Academics 2/6, Art, Music 1/4, Athletics 2/4, Bureaucracy 2/6, Con 2/5, Diplomacy 2/5, Drive 1/4, Firearms 1/4, Larceny 1/4, Linguistics 4/8, Medicine 3/7, Performance, Piano 1/4, ride 1/4, Science 2/6, Stealth 1/4, Streetwise 3/6, Survival 1/5

Weapon: Colt Detective Special .38 special 2″ barrel — Damage 2L   Rng: 50′   Cap: 6 (r)   Rate: M   Spd: A; Mauser M1898 7mm bolt-action rifle — Damage: 3L   Rng: 100′   Cap: 5(c)   Rate: M   Spd: A