Two weeks ago, I launched our new Hollow Earth Expedition campaign with an occult summoning gone terribly awry and straight into a fight with black-hooded wushu fighters that led to a high-speed chase through London on “hoopcycles”, as I described them. In reality, they are the Mono Wheel of Swiss inventor named Gerdes who built the contraption in 1935 (so period appropriate!)


Powered by a 980cc parallel twin motor from a motorcycle, the hoopscycle is a marvel of invention.  The vehicle has a single seat with a stearing wheel that operates a gyroscope, aiding in the maneuvering of the single wheeled craft.  It is incredible fast and maneuverable, and very very loud.

Size: 1   Def: 6   Str: 6   Speed: 110mph   Hand: +2   Crew: 1   Pass: 0   Cost: n/a

Here’s the real thing in action:

Ed. This contraption was originally featured in a post from 2010 during our Gorilla Ace! game.