OSX Daily has the scoop on the 16 best new features, but here’s a quick overview:

The big one: NO BLEEDIN’ iTUNES SYNCHING REQUIRED! Wireless synching and PC free setup are going to be standard. There was nothing more annoying about the iPad than buying this shiny new device and having to get it home to synch it up before usage. Nothing was more annoying than having to synch and backup the iPad everytime you wanted to pull a few songs for a quick outing.

The next big one: the addition of all the cool multitouch gestures that I’ve been using by making my iPad a development machine. The pinch to close and other gestures make the home button almost obsolete and really increase ease of use. It was stupid not to have included it in iOS 4.3

Notifications have been updated so that they can be accessed from the home screen and the lock screen. They are all aggregated together and when using the device, they do not interfere with app use.

The iPad will get a split keyboard to allow thumb typing folks an easier experience.

There’s a new to-do list system (Reminders) and a new chat engine (iMessage) and Twitter is being rolled into the OS.

Software improvements to cameras. Hopefully this can cut the suck down on the iPad cameras some.

The big disappointment: where the heel is printing for the iPad, Cupertino? All the new features are guaranteed to make the iPad even more of a laptop killer…save for the lack of wireless (or hell, wired!) printing. This is the only aspect of the iPad keeping it from smashing the rest of the personal computing market.