Looks like Neill Blomkamp may have pulled it out of the fire for his next one. The Hollywood experience gave us the middling but pretty Elysium, with its overly preachy enviro and class-warfare messages. Here he goes after the artificial intelligence in a fearful human world theme, and it looks pretty good. It’s nice to see Hugh Jackman in something over that Wolverine garb, playing the heavy here.

I particularly like the Shirow-esque look of the robot.

Kawada and AIST have unveiled their newest bipedal robot, the HRP-4.    It features improved bipedal motion, balance, and the cameras and microphones have been improved, along with object recognition software (they show the latter off about five minutes in.)  It should be on sale to research facilities next year for $300,000.

Inventor Doug Hines relates who Roxxy was developed…and it’s not for the prurient interests one would think.  John Stossel weighs in on how consumer protection laws blocked the original purpose of the robot, to act as a companion for the elderly.