Here’s the Dutch Euro-dance-crap band ADAM’s video for their song Go to Go. Here’s the ladies attempt to sing their song while using a vibrator. Its not the first time this schtick has been done. There was a series called Hysterical Literature of porn stars reading while doing the same thing.

Still — it’s a fun watch:

Here’s the complete closing credits theme from F/X’s Archer:

I just discovered these guys via a friend this evening — electro-swing and it’s damned cool:

I went on an iTunes binge this week, downloading a bunch of the Bare Naked Ladies albums, including their All in Good Time — the first without Steven Page on vocals.  I also bought Steven Page’s solo effort Page One.

So, first Page One:  like one would expect, Page’s album is a bit eclectic, but feels much more like the old BNL than All in Good Time.  A few of the tracks, like the swing-inspired “Leave Her Alone” and the very pop-oriented “Queen of America” really stand out for being different in flavor from the first half of the album — which feels lot like Gordon. Overall, it’s a solid record, with about half of the tracks really standing out, and the rest good, if not as catchy.  If you like old BNL, you’ll like it.  Recommendation: buy it.

All in Good Time is the latest Bare Naked Ladies record.  The feel is much more like the 21st Century efforts of the band — there’s a variety to the feel of the tracks, but they have the more stylized quirky flavor of Stunt and Maroon, but with less of the angsty lyrics of those albums.  There’s a couple very strong tracks — “You Run Away” and “Every Subway Car” are aimed squarely at pop radio, but I think the catchiest tune is probably “Another Heartbreak” (which was a particular standout song when I saw the band in concert a few months back.)  I found I really missed Page on the record, in a way I didn’t at the concert; the sound of the band is sharply different with Ed Robertson and Kevin Hearn taking the leads on vocals.  (Hearn sounds much much better on stage — there’s a sweetness to his voice that gets lost in the production mill.)  It’s a good album and worth the $10 on iTunes.