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Cut out the dreamy crap about spirals and life at the end and you have a pretty cool video of how the planets actually move around the sun. Now the “old model” they’re describing works just fine when you are looking at just the solar system, but the addition of the movement of the sun does give am interesting perspective…

It’s a space sorta day here at the Black Campbell. Here’s the link to Issaac Campbell’s original site for graphic, which deals with marketing aspect of the infographic:


Kinda makes you feel insignificant, doesn’t it..?


Theoretical physicists Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok think so and discuss their cosmology in Endless Universe, in which they theorize that our universe was created by two other universes bumping uglies. Okay, that was my interpretation…

What they actual posit is the universe was ” caused by gravity, possibly in the form of ‘dark matter,’ leaking from one universe into the other; and that the collisions repeat in a never-ending cycle; each time replacing old matter with new galaxies, stars, and planets…” This Cyclical Universe idea isn’t new, of course — after all, all of this has happened before…

OMG Space was created by a Canadian web designer as a graduate project. It’s stunning. Each planet has an infographic on the missions to them, and there’s a good size comparison of the planets, against the sun.

The Dragon capsule, luanched with the private Falcon 9 rocket, just was captured successfully by the International Space Station, making SpaceX the new big boy in space travel. The capsule represents a first step, but a big one — NASA outsourced resupply of the ISS because they’re bloated bureaucracy and risk aversion means they can’t launch an Estes rocket without a white paper, a few hundred million, and a dozen launch holds.

Government will be the customer for a while longer, but this is an important milestone in space — moreso than the suborbital flight of SpaceShip One.

The International Space Station seen through Dragon’s thermal camera.

Eat it, NASA!

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