So I head an intriguing ad on the radio while in the car the other night about a New Mexican distillery that was producing a single malt finished in mesquite. I loves me some single malt action — I have a couple bottles of Scotch in the house at the moment, but figured what the hey, hit Total Wine (great prices!), and picked up a bottle of Santa Fe Spirits Colkegan Single Malt.



So how is it — in a word: great. It’s a powerful 92 proof, as compared to the strong 86 proof of my favorite, Lagavulin. The flavor is very different from Socttish single malts — it has a nice light honey color, much like a Speyside, and the nose is pretty mild with a bit of a floral/fruity note. However, the flavor is strong, warm, and spicy. Once swallowed, the aftertaste flares up with a nice woody, spicy note.

It runs about $46 a bottle and might not be available too far from New Mexico — this looks to be a single barrel bottling.