So this started out as a joke drink, thanks to all the online stupidity at the start of the current stupidity that has engulfed the planet. There were internet rumors that Tito’s vodka cured the ‘Vid, and i figured, “well, Vitamin C is good for the flu”, so here it is, the Quantini:

What you need:

2 measures of Tito’s Vodka (for the joke, really any vodka or gin), a measure of sweet vermouth (dry is fine but loses some of the citrus), 1/2 measure of lemon juice for Vitamin C, a few shakes of orange bitters (normal is good, too. Combine in a shaker over ice, and shake. You could stir, but that makes you a alcohol heathen.

What you’ll get a nice smooth libation with a nice citrusy, sweet flavor and a nice kick.


So I head an intriguing ad on the radio while in the car the other night about a New Mexican distillery that was producing a single malt finished in mesquite. I loves me some single malt action — I have a couple bottles of Scotch in the house at the moment, but figured what the hey, hit Total Wine (great prices!), and picked up a bottle of Santa Fe Spirits Colkegan Single Malt.



So how is it — in a word: great. It’s a powerful 92 proof, as compared to the strong 86 proof of my favorite, Lagavulin. The flavor is very different from Socttish single malts — it has a nice light honey color, much like a Speyside, and the nose is pretty mild with a bit of a floral/fruity note. However, the flavor is strong, warm, and spicy. Once swallowed, the aftertaste flares up with a nice woody, spicy note.

It runs about $46 a bottle and might not be available too far from New Mexico — this looks to be a single barrel bottling.

There’s a place here in Albuquerque (Nob Hill Bar & Grill) that makes a fantastic drink called the “Ginger Maker” that I attempted to emulate:

1 part Maker’s Mark bourbon (I used Knob Creek…so let’s call it a Ginger Knob.  It sounds…dirty…), 3 parts ginger beer, not ginger ale.  Freshly grated ginger and lemon zest to taste (or you can drop three drops of lemon juice, if you don’t want to assault a lemon for its skin.)

Shave ginger and lemon zest into the glass, add crushed ice.  Add bourbon, then ginger beer to taste.