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These are characters that are either tweaked from the reimagined show, or are specific to this campaign. The first thing I did was work from the hints of the first season and a half of the show, ditched the ancient Earth stuff, and concentrated on their link to the Blaze — the “angry god” from the cut scenes in Kobol’s Last Gleaming. This allowed me to create a Twelve that was allegory for the Lords of Kobol, a lesser version of them, just as the Lords were supposedly a lesser version of the Titans. I kept some of the actors for the characters, changed others, just to keep the players from thinking they knew what was what.

Some things you will see are ideas I had that didn’t particularly pan out, but might be useful for a GM looking to set up their own campaign. Additionally, I slapped together some rules on sleeper agents, etc. Hit the header below for a pdf.

Alternate Humanoid Cylons

Near the end of the First Cylon War, the machines decided to up the ante by creating androids that were hard to detect for infiltration and sabotage missions. The previous androids were close to lifelike, but could be identified by their silicon skin and slightly uncanny movement and responses. Rumors of Cylon POWs being used for experiments to create a hybrid Cylon model were squashed by the Colonial government as heresay and PTSD-induced hysteria.

[The italicized bits following here were originally part of my plan to mess with the players by having human Cylons agents that were completely indistinguishable, but I dropped it because I thought it would move the game too far away from the vision of the show.]

During the forty year, however, since the War, the Cylons were successful in creating biomechanical hybrids. Cylons can build an android “clone” of a person using 3D flesh printing and programming of the doppleganger’s cybernetic brain implants. They cannot scan the human brain yet, so they use publicly available information to create as deeply accurate a copy as they can. These can be tripped up by the gaps in their knowledge and mistakes in emulating behavior, but it’s subtle enough people might mistake it for the person “having an off day” or some such. Only with capture and heavy interrogation can the Cylons get a better picture of the person, and create a more lifelike copy. They are on the verge of being able to use destructive brain scanning to create a near perfect copy.

The one-offs and copies are not biomechanical, other than the cybernetics in the brain, so a DNA or blood test won’t reveal their nature; only a detailed scan or biopsy of the brain would do that. As they are essentially a clone assembled kit-like, they are not super strong or fast, but they have the following traits in common:

The first copy of the agent will still have the assets and complications, as well as the same attributes as the original, but their skill set will reduced to 40 skill points at creation to represent the gaps in their memories. However, any resurrected agent will be exactly the same as the deceased agent at the time of death.


ELECTRONIC INTERFACE d6: This is an unconscious uplink to the Cylon handlers of the unit which allows the Cylons to access their senses, memories, thoughts, etc. without their knowledge.

BACK DOOR d10 complication: The mind of the agent can be hijacked by their handlers, forcing them to do as the Cylons wish. This is an imperfect control, however, and the agent can fight the commands with a successful WILLPOWER+DISCIPLINE/RESISTANCE test versus the WILLPOWER+DISCIPLINE of the Cylon.

VIRTUAL IMMORTALITY d12: The agent’s mind-state can be saved and reloaded into a clone at any time.

Instead of using these “cloned” agents, I wound up going with the ides of the “puppet” — people who had been caught or somehow disabled long enough for a short low-invasive process that injected a short-lived self-replicating group of molecular machines that build a cybernetic brain that runs parallel to the human brain, recording information and periodically transmitting it to their handler. The same operative package can be used, but the computer can be found with a CAT or MRI scan. I added a fail safe device on early ones where a small explosive charge would pop the brainstem and kill the puppet if discovered.

Much more dangerous are “the Twelve”…the command and control humanoid Cylons. How these creatures came to rule the Cylons when they were originally just another tool for the centurions to fight Mankind is unknown. They are biomechanical androids and gynoids who are good enough copies of humans that they cannot be detected save through a specific test for synthetic material through a biopsy or blood test. They share their memories through staggered data dumps to a resurrection ship or facility (they can do this willingly or schedule times to not distract [usually while they are asleep]) and can communicate wirelessly up to a half mile in urban environments, twice that in open areas. Their muscle fabric is dense and powerful, and run through with synthetic nerve tissue allowing for very fast perception and reaction. Their brains are augmented with biomechanical molecular computers that allow them to store vast amounts of data, recover information faster and with little loss, but their perceptive abilities are hardly better than a human — they see, hear, taste, feel along the same parameters as a person, with only slight improvement to their acuity.

The 12 all have the following assets and complications package:


ELECTRONIC INTERFACE d8: Cylons can communicate wirelessly for up to half a mile in urban environments, a mile in open areas, or line of sight in space. They can also hardwire into a system through fiber optic interfaces.

IMMUNITY d12: Cylons are immune to most modern diseases, as well as most radiation signatures (although some can jam the communications of their Electronic Interface asset.)

PHYSICAL PUSH d8: Cylons can split d8 any way they want between their physical attributes for a minute’s duration. They need five minutes between each push, with an extra test requiring an EASY VITALITY+WILLPOWER test to gain the benefit, with each new test increasing the difficulty +3. Failure gives no push and gives a -1 shift to their attributes until they can rest for four hours.

VITUAL IMMORTALITY d12: If Cylons can upload a backup, they can be downloaded into a new copy. The range of these downloads is astronomical and might be some form of quantum entanglement. (This might explain why they don’t spawn their memories outside of their particular model.)

VULNERABILITY d8 complication: Cylons can be harmed by certain radiation signatures which cause degradation of their cybernetics. They must make an EASY WILLPOWER+VITALITY test after four hours, with the difficulty increasing each hour by +3. On a fail, they suffer d8W each hour afterwards.

Those of the Twelve that were programmed as sleeper agents have different skill sets and asset/complication combinations that match their cover legend. What follows are the typical statistics of the individual Twelve models:

Number 1

This model was rarely fielded in the Colonial infiltration operations of the Cylons. They are usually found aboard basestars, where they typically are the senior-most of the Cylon commanders. While all of the models participate in decision-making quorums, the Ones are considered to be a sort of “most equal among equals.”

This model is crafted to appear as a middle-aged man — tall, powerful, and intimidating in stature. They are charismatic and intelligent, but also overconfident, callous, and hedonistic. (We use an old Liam Neeson for the face.)

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d6, Strength d10, Vitality d10, Alertness d8, Intelligence d8, Willpower d8

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Initiative d6+d8, Life Points 18

ASSETS: In addition to the Cylon package –Formidable Presence d4 is typical

COMPLICATIONS: Duty, Cylons d10; Lustful d4, Overconfident d4, Sadistic d4

SKILLS: Athletics d6, Covert d4, Discipline d6 (Intimidation d8, Leadership d10), Guns d2,  Influence d6, Knowledge d6, Perception d6, Pilot d6, Planetary Vehicles d4, Technical Engineering d4, Unarmed Combat d6

Number 2

Twos are used as command elements, but they also do well as infiltration units. As a middle-aged, pretty but matronly woman, they tend to blend well in large populations. They are cunning and petty, vain and self-conscious, and vindictive. They do not work and play well with the other female models. (We use a late 40s Rene Russo for the face.)

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d6, Strength d6, Vitality d8, Alertness d10, Intelligence d8, Willpower d10

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Initiative d6+d10, Life Points 18

ASSETS: In addition to the Cylon package — Sly d4 (adds to Influence/Persuasion and Covert/Streetwise)

COMPLICATIONS: Duty, Cylons d6; Prejudice, Humans d4; Rivals d4

SKILLS: Covert d4, Discipline d4, Guns d2,  Influence d6 (Leadership d8, Politics d8), Perception d6 (Empathy d8), Performance d6, Pilot d4, Technical Engineering d6, Unarmed Combat d4

Number 3

These female Cylons are dangerous in the extreme. They look to be young, athletic women, and are highly intelligent, analytical, vicious, and combat capable. They have a rebellious streak and tend to buck the wishes of other Cylon models. Typically they command ground forces or are used as intelligence assets.

Nearly all of the sleeper agents functioned perfectly when “awakened” during the War. (We use a 30-ish Gabrielle Reece for the face/build.)

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d6, Strength d6, Vitality d6, Alertness d10, Intelligence d10, Willpower d10

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Initiative d6+d10, Life Points 16

ASSETS: In addition to the Cylon package — Talented Fighter d4 (adds to unarmed and melee combat) or Talented Tactician d4 (adds to Perception/Tactics)

COMPLICATIONS: Duty, Cylons d10; Rebellious d4, Rivals d4, Sadistic d4

SKILLS: Athletics d6, Covert d6, Discipline d6, Guns d6,  Influence d2, Knowledge d6, Perception d6, Pilot d6, Planetary Vehicles d4, Survival d4, Technical Engineering d6, Unarmed Combat d6

Number 4

This Cylon model looks like a middle-aged dark-skinned man. They are smart, perceptive, and are typically used as doctors and scientists. Most are cold and professional, with little empathy or compassion, but they are highly curious. Those that were programmed with artificial memories and backgrounds tend to the exact opposite and about a quarter of them malfunctioned and could not resolve their differing personalities. They are usually found co-located with Farms and other humanoid Cylon populations. (Same guy — Rick Worthy.)

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d6, Strength d6, Vitality d8, Alertness d10, Intelligence d10, Willpower d6

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Initiative d6+d10, Life Points 14

ASSETS: Cylon package


SKILLS: Discipline d6, Influence d6, Knowledge d4, Medical Expertise d6 (Surgery d8), Perception d4, Scientific Expertise d6 (Life Sciences d10)

Number 5

This model is a dark-skinned woman with a thin, athletic build and an indeterminate age. They are a combat model, excellent trackers and hunters with a bloodthirsty personality. They often act as scouts and command smaller units of centurions.

Many of these were undercover sleeper agents, programmed with alternate personalities. About a quarter of these models “malfunctioned” (were unable to resolve the difference between their programming and their actual nature.) We’re using gina Torres for the character.

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d10, Strength d6, Vitality d6, Alertness d10, Intelligence d6, Willpower d8

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Initiative 2d10, Life Points 14

ASSETS: In addition to the Cylon package — Talented Hunter d4 (add to Perception/Tracking and Guns/Rifle)

COMPLICATIONS: Overconfident d4, Out for Blood d8, Prejudice, Humans d4; Sadistic d4

SKILLS: Athletics d6, Covert d6 (Camouflage d8, Stealth d8), Discipline d4, Guns d6 (Rifle d8), Influence d2, Knowledge d2, Perception d6 (Sight d8, Search d8), Pilot d4, Planetary Vehicles d4, Survival d6, Technical Engineering d4, Unarmed Combat d4

Number 6

This model is designed to be a shapely, attractive blonde of indeterminate age. She is an infiltration, sabotage, and assassination specialist. Many of these were seeded through the Colonies in the run up to the war. They have the most variable of personalities of any of the models, but all are vain, lovelorn or at the very least lusty, and self-involved to the point of narcissism. They can be vengeful, and sadistic.

Many of these were planted as sleeper agents and some had trouble breaking their programming when they are wakened for the War. (Same — Tricia Helfer.)

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d6, Strength d6, Vitality d6, Alertness d8, Intelligence d0, Willpower d10

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Initiative d6+d8, Life Points 16

ASSETS: In addition to the Cylon package — Allure d4

COMPLICATIONS: Lustful d4, Memorable d4, Narcissist d4, Sadistic d4

SKILLS: Athletics d4, Covert d6 (Sabotage d8, Stealth d8), Discipline d6, Guns d2, Influence d6 (Persuasion d8, Seduction d8), Perception d6, Pilot d4, Performance d6, Technical Engineering d6 (Hacking d10, Programming d10), Unarmed Combat d6

Number 7

This Cylon is dangerous in the extreme, and so unstable that sleeper programming would not work. They are unrepentantly violent, vainglorious, overconfident. Their personality is so incendiary that many of the other models have considered boxing the entire line.

These monsters are tall, powerfully-built, and lead ground units with mindless fury. They frequently clash with the Threes over tactics (which the Sevens find pedantic.) We went with the Rock, but Vin Diesel would be a good choice, as well.

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d8, Strength d10, Vitality d12, Alertness d6, Intelligence d6, Willpower d6

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Initiative d6+d8, Life Points 20

ASSETS: In addition to the Cylon package — Formidable Presence d4, Tough d4

COMPLICATIONS: Gloryhound d4, out for Blood d8, Rivals d4, Sadistic d4

SKILLS: Athletics d6, Covert d2, Discipline d4, Guns d6, Heavy Weaponry d6, Influence d4,Melee Combat d6, Perception d6, Pilot d6, Planetary Vehicles d4, Unarmed Combat d6 (Brawling d10)

Number 8

Dour, ambitious, and chafing at it’s middle management status, the Eights have shown themselves to have an abnormally high incident of “malfunction” when programmed with alternate personalities for sleeper missions — over half of them either committed suicide or went rogue. They are frequently commanding ground units and often squabble with the Threes and Sevens over hierarchy and tactics.

Eights are strong, swarthy, and usually bearded. They are handsome and charismatic, can be kind and compassionate, but also violent and impulsive. (This was our “Doral.”  We were using Oded Fehr)

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d6, Strength d10, Vitality d8, alertness d8, Intelligence d6, Willpower d10

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Initiative d6+d8, Life Points 18

ASSETS: In addition to the Cylon package — Allure d4

COMPLICATIONS: Duty, Cylons d6; Gloryhound d4, Lustful d4, Rivals d4

SKILLS: Athletics d6, Covert d4, Discipline d6 (Intimidation d8, Leadership d8), Guns d4, Influence d6 (Seduction d8), Knowledge d4, Perception d6, Pilot d4, Planetary Vehicles d4, Survival d2, Technical Engineering d4, Unarmed Combat d6

Number 9

The Nines are a strange lot. They claim to have visions, to be able to “see the streams” of history and fate. They are highly religious (monotheists), clever tricksters who are used for psychological operations and intelligence gathering. These were one of the most active units before the War and were usually not programmed with sleeper identities; they lie so well they did not need to “believe” their legends…

They are blond, average-looking males with a tendency to dress slovenly. they have an intense quality to them and have been known to periodically work with the humans, if only to sow dissension in their ranks. (This is our “Leoben” — same guy, Callum Keith Rennie)

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d6, Strength d6, Vitality d6, alertness d10, Intelligence d10, Willpower d10

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Initiative d6+d10, Life Points 16

ASSETS: In addition to the Cylon package — Faith d6, Intuition d8

COMPLICATIONS: Delusions of Grandeur d2, Duty, Cylon d6, Liar d4, Superstitious d4

SKILLS: Athletics d6, Covert d6 (Sabotage d10), Discipline d6, Guns d4, Influence d6 (Persuasion d10), Knowledge d6, Perception d6 (Intuition d10), Pilot d4, Planetary Vehicles d2, Technical Engineering d6, Unarmed Combat d4

Number 10

The Tens are rarely seen outside of the Cylon baseships or main bases of operations ashore. They are dark-skinned, taciturn, massively strong, and very intelligent. They are technicians and engineers who tend to fall in line with the other models in decision making, waiting for a trend to show in the voting, then siding with the majority. They stay out of the personal politics of the other Cylons, although they seem to have an affinity to the Threes. Few of these volunteered for sleeper agent duty and an alarmingly high number of them were turned by their programming — nearly half. (We went with Idris Elba on this one.)

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d6, Strength d10, vitality d8, Alertness d6, Intelligence d12, Willpower d6

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Initiative 2d6, Life Points 14

ASSETS: Cylon package — Mechanically Inclined d6

COMPLICATIONS: Fixated d4 (They tend to tunnel vision on their projects.), Toes the Line d4

SKILLS: Athletics d6, Craft d6, Discipline d4, Guns d2, Mechanical Engineering d6 (Create d8, Repair d8), Technical Engineering d6 (Programming d8, Repair d8), Unarmed Combat d2

Number 11

This female model is also a scientist/technician type — mostly involved in the life sciences. they frequently work with the Fours. They are lovely, young women — their hair color varies more than any model — and are surprisingly non-violent for Cylons.  They were used extensively as sleeper agents with a high level of “malfunction” due to the memory overlays; they are, however, highly intelligence and take well to the alternate skill sets they are programmed with. (This is our Boomer — same actress, Grace Park.)

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d8, Strength d8, Vitality d10, Alertness d8, Intelligence d8, Willpower d8

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Initiative d8+d8, Life Points 18

ASSETS: Cylon package

COMPLICATIONS: Combat Paralysis d2, Curiosity d4, Idealist d4

SKILLS: Craft d6, Influence d6, Knowledge d6, Mechanical Engineering d6 (Cybernetics d8), Scientific Expertise d6 (One specialty d8), Technical Engineering d6 (Programming d8)

Number 12

Twelves are infiltration and psychological operations units, much like the Nines. They are tall, often slightly overweight, but always charismatic and extroverted. Like the Nines, they are very good at weaving a yarn. Their sleeper programming made many of them bughouse crazy, alcoholic hedonists, but only a few malfunctioned. (We never got around to using these — Oliver Pratt.)

ATTRIBUTES: Agility d6, Strength d6, Vitality d10, Alertness d8, Intelligence d8, Willpower d8

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES: Initiative d6+d8, Life Points 18

ASSETS: In addition to the Cylon package — Good Natured d4

COMPLICATIONS: Addiction d4 (Alcohol, drugs, whatever), Hedonist d4, Unstable d4

SKILLS: Artistry d6, Athletics d4, Covert d6 (Sabotage d8, Streetwise d8), Discipline d2, Guns d2,  Influence d6 (Persuasion d8, Seduction d8), Knowledge d6, Perception d6, Technical Engineering d4, Unarmed Combat d6

Waking Sleeper Agents

Cylon agents that have been programmed for sleeper operations with alternate personalities can be activated a number of ways — through a phone call or a direct communication to their cyberbrain using the Electronic Interface. Normally, however, it is face-to-face with another Cylon who will wake them with a code phrase. This is done to ease the sleeper out of their false personality and avoid malfunction.

The alternate personalities don’t always give up their “lives” without a fight — much like a schizophrenic or a multiple personality disorder, there can be conflict between the program and the Cylon identity, causing them to deny their real self, or to have the personalities collapse into each other. The Cylon, if a player character, can attempt to fight the takeover of their mind by the Cylon identity: they must make a FORMIDABLE WILLPOWER+DISCIPLINE test. Success means they might realize what they are and fight the urges of their real self; an extraordinary success and they can completely deny the Cylon personality to manifest…at least consciously.

Other members of their model can pick out a malfunctioning unit with a successful opposed ALERTNESS+PERCEPTION test versus the malfunctioning sleeper’s WILLPOWER+DISCIPLINE test. If they upload after dying, their nature cannot be hidden.

i noticed I hadn’t done one of these for almost four months! Between people being away on vacations, work travel, etc., and our Firefly/Serenity A/B test, I’ve been concentrating on other types of posts. However, the group has been playing through a few episodes of the campaign. So — SITREP time!

The first few sessions were mostly “talk about our feelings” episodes where the characters were coming to grips with the loss of a main character, and the players with one of the group leaving for San Francisco, and the addition of a new player. The characters tracked down a group of Cylon “puppets” — people who had been implanted with Cylon tech and were used by the agents in the fleet to do mischief. Other major points was the steadily deteriorating condition of the president (the NPC is father to the PC commander) from brain cancer; the integration of Pegasus and discovering the torture of the Six on board, as well as a rash of sexual harassment toward members of the crew by the men who had aided in the “interrogation” of the Cylon. Lastly, there was the sudden disappearance of the Cylons after the Blaze disappeared.

After a week of recon missions that found no Cylon activity in the systems surrounding them, one of the raptor missions stumbled on a badly damaged basestar that was still apparently under power, but unresponsive and missing its raider complement. Galactica was dispatched to investigate, and boarded the ship in force (or as best as they could do — about 150 people.) What they found: dead skin jobs and toasters. Who did this? They find a small group of skin jobs that are alive — the remnants of the crew — and learn that the centurions, raiders, and other machine life has revolted against the humanoid Cylons.

As in the show, Caprica Six reprogrammed the centurions and allowed them free will. The centurions had been just as impacted by the existential crisis of having their god decamp and leave them abandoned. But where Caprica had assumed their attacks on the Colonies were sinful, many (but not all) of the centurions placed blame on their former masters. There is a full blown civil war among the Cylons, and the skin jobs find themselves in the same boat as the Colonials…the centurions are likely to destroy all of the humans — Colonial or Cylon, humans on Kobol. The characters take the Cylons prisoner and in the middle of discovering the hybrid controlling the vessel then are aggressed by an old-style Cylon basestar.

The hybrid, overwhelmed by the “injuries” sustained to her spacecraft body, panics and jumps back to Kobol, where the boarding party and their captives find themselves smack in the middle of a massive space battle! I cliffhangered this for a while and turned focus to Galactica, which found themselves locked in combat with the old basestar. The air group and the characters managing them did very well — with a kill rate closing on 10-1 — but several heavy raiders landed and placed boarding parties on the battlestar.

The battle was pitched and several of the characters were in grave danger, including the commander, who was nearly taken out by a centurion. During the fight, the Six from Pegasus, who had been transferred to Galactica where they had more success with interrogating the creatures, escaped and had tried to take the CIC with the intent of returning to the fleet to destroy Pegasus (or more importantly, Cain.)

Eventually, the characters on the basestar manage to set a tap on the nerve clusters connecting the hybvrid to the damage control systems, and are able to jump back to meet up with the fleet. The skin jobs are taken into custody, and the ship is raided for the ample supplies, including all manner of luxury goods from the Colonies, ground combat vehicles, and even a few automobiles. they gain access to the ship’s computers and gather a wealth of intelligence on Kobol, the Tomb of Athena’s location, and the fleet disposition of the Cylons as of a week prior.

The last session saw several character elements come to a head for some of the players’ characters. Sikorsky, a vet that had been pressganged by Pegasus into medical service got herself involved with Baltar, who convinced her that his involvement with the Six that released the centurions had been unwitting, that he was terrified of being executed for treason for something he’d not done. The commander found himself overwhelmed by the news his father was not responding to his cancer treatment, and after a creepy dream of his wife coming back to “say goodbye”, finally directly interrogated some of the skin jobs.

During an interview with our version of One, he learned that the Cylon had been an agent in the Colonies, posing as a major politically connected financier (think George Soros), and had been running the commander’s wife as a puppet. This is how they knew the Colonies were starting to take the Cylon threat seriously, and caused them to jump the gun on their attacks. He also hints that it would be a shame for the commander to lose more family, and that in exchange for a guarantee of their safety, they might be able to help him.

The rest of the night were machinations by the commander and the vice president (both PCs) to hide the research  being done by Baltar and the vet character into how the Cylons could aid the president; as well as the beginnings of planning the mission to raid Kobol and get the map to Earth.

The science fiction end of the session dealt with the Cylon physiology — they are, in essence, humans with cybernetic modifications. They learn that the Cylons are unable to reproduce, despite having fully-functional gonads; their sterility is induced by their secondary immune system — microscopic “leucobots” that made the Cylons nearly immune to disease and poison. The Cylons have attempted to hack the system, but as they talk to the Cylons about it, there is a point where the skin jobs fugue and forget what they are doing. Even when exposed to recordings of what they were doing, this happened. The Blaze, their god, apparently buried deep seated psychological blocks to modifying themselves…but why?

Some of the player theories: 1) The Blaze wanted to control the ability of the skin jobs to breed and grow outside their purpose, 2) The Blaze was worried about the skin jobs breeding with the Kobolian humans and created a demigod-like race that might threaten the stability of the Cylon culture, 3) the Blaze, beign an angry and jealous god, wanted to keep the Cylons from developing other priorities that were outside loving their God.

They learned that Kobol was inhabited and had been since the Exodus. These humans had steadily grown and developed until they suffered some kind of large-scale civil war between the followers of the Blaze and other groups. The Blaze returned about 300 years ago and gave them the Twelve — the humanoid Cylons — to bring them back into the fold. After that, the Cylons turned their attention outward to find the last remnants of humanity and bring them home. This led to the Cylons inferring in Colonial society, starting about 100 years ago.

The population of Kobol has been kept artificially low to control the people. The center of this control is the Tower of Dis — a 3 mile high spire that was part of the Ship of Lights, standing on the ground of the City of the Gods and in sight of Mount Olympus, where the Lords of Kobol lived.

Toward the end of the night, the characters had made the decision to try and save the president using Cylon blood transfusions, but telling him the treatment is “based on” Cylon tech to prevent the old man from refusing treatment.



I noticed that one of the big search terms that was bringing folks here had to do with the Colonial Warrior pistol vs. the M6C personal defense weapon from the Halo franchise. I will admit to never having played Halo, but the design work is lovely. So here you are, people who were looking for the M6C:

Misriah Armory M6C PDW

This handgun is the standard sidearm for the UNSC Marine Corps. It is a semi-automatic, striker fired 12.7x40mm, recoil-operated handgun. The ammunition used is the M229 semi-armor piercing hollow-point.


Cortex stats:   Damage: d8W   Range: 20 yards   Ammo: 13   Cost: 2000

Editor Comments: This is a nice design, but there are a few issues that pop up immediately. 1) It’s not going to be recoil-operated — the .50 round described (more powerful than the .50 Action Express at 12.7x33mm) would be far too powerful for blowback or rotating operation. It would be gas-action, like the Desert Eagle with heavy rifle springs for the recoil. It would be much larger than it appears to be portrayed. The muzzle blast on this with the 4-5″ barrel would be enormous.

Well, crap. Zundar the Barbarian just got wasted by that revenant…guess it’s time to write up a new character…

But what if Zundar and his companions are victorious. What if they’ve bested the Great Evil, or freed the realm from the clutches of whomever, or killed the dragon and saved the day? What if, after three years and however many levels, Zundar and crew aren’t that interesting anymore? They’re a bit too powerful to be fully challenged, or their story arc has been described — what now? Do you play them some more, but the heart is gone. Like watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull there’s just no point to the next go ’round.

We all love our characters. They’re often not just our creations, or an avatar to run through a computer generated RPG, but a real character that you or your mates can believe in. We enjoy watching their antics. Some people love an archetype so much they play the same damned character in every game, regardless of genre. But sometimes, they’ve played their part. The story is over, or the magic is gone. You got bored. Maybe you just want to try something new.

Old soldiers never die, they just fade away… General Douglas MacArthur famously uttered this phrase, and it’s often true. Your character has survived multiple encounters and is getting older. Slower. All the wounds sustained start to ache all the time. If they’re lucky, they got wealthy or powerful. Time to put the sword down.

Retirement is a good way to happily ever after your character. They won. Better yet, they can occasionally be revisited as a bit player in the game — maybe they have a bit of information, or there’s a reunion, or you need a small favor (like a place to hide out)…you can have the ol’ boy show up for a cameo for a night. Or perhaps there’s only one person for the job…just this one last time. (Look at all of Stallone’s old characters…)

Success has its own problems… You finally got a kingdom of your own, defeats the evil empire, got all the money and success your stomach can handle…but keeping it, that’s another thing. All of a sudden, instead of slaying monsters or fighting bad guys, you are locked into the day-to-day minutiae of running a city or nation or planet. Remember when you had all that free time when you were walking six months to a volcano to get rid of an evil ring? Wouldn’t you love to give it all up…but you have a family, and responsibilities — you’re a grown up now! — you can just traipse off on an adventure. But here’s a list of a few of my old contacts…

They took my hand!!! Instead of getting everything you wanted, maybe the character was so tashed up that it made sense they would loose a limb, or some bodily functionality. Who needs a cripple when you’re fighting to save the world as we know it? The sad fellow that you still visit from time to time to remind you of the good ol’ days and to give the players a reminder of their characters’ mortality (or that there is a fate worse than death…)

Join me! Another good way is to have your character switch sides. Maybe the Dark Side has captured their imagination, maybe they were tempted by power, or maybe there was some ideological shift that put you at odds with the others. In this case, it’s usually better to pass the character off to the GM, but it can be made to work where the player continues to play the character in concert with the GM as opposition to the others.



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