So Black Campbell Entertainment has been up and running since August, but we didn’t start putting out product until October. In the last two months, we’ve put out three adventure scenarios (or modules for you old timers, like me…) for a total of six booklets.

I really wasn’t expecting a lot of traction. I’ve self-published before, so I’m aware of how slow the dribble of royalties can be for an e-book. And role playing games are a niche market of publishing. Add to that, I’m doing stuff for 1930s pulp games (although Victorian stuff is coming!), which is even more niche….a niche of a niche. So a cubbyhole in the publishing industry.

That said, we’re already exceeding my expectations on sales.

So I just wanted to personally thank everyone who worked hard on these books — Jim Sorenson, Matthew Bohnhoff, and Bill Forster, not to mention Susan Rhymer, who puts up with this and has lent her PDF wizardry to get the file sizes down.

Even more so, I want to thank anyone reading this who bought a copy of White Ape of the Congo, or Zugspitze Maneuver (which is suddenly selling very well, particularly for Fate), or Murder on the Hindenburg.

Lastly, I also want to thank those folks who have been reading the blog — whether it’s only a few posts, or those who have been regularly reading over the last eight or so years since it went up. I really, truly appreciate it.

Scott Rhymer

We’re working diligently at Black Campbell to get our first adventure for Hollow Earth Expedition, Fate, and Savage Worlds ready… Interior artwork and the writing is done, the editing and layout is about to begin, and comic book artist Bill Forster is working on the cover for the module.

Here’s just a taste of the “mangani”, or White Apes of the Congo!


Art by Scott Rhymer, copyright 2016. Using it? Give credit where it’s due and don’t use it in any product without getting permission first…anything else would be a dick move.

Cawnpore and Perseus are available in the Createspace eStore and on where, if you order a physical copy of the books, you get the ebook for free. They are also available as ebooks on every ereader out there.

iBooks apparently is requiring different cover resolutions, so here’s the new cover for Perseus:


Coming in late summer/early fall: Hercules, the follow-up to Perseus.


My novel Cawnpore is now live on Amazon’s Kindle Store and B&N’s Nook store. Set in 1857 during the India Mutiny, it follows the exploits of a political officer trying to uncover and stop sedition in the court of the local potentate, Nana Sahib.

Head on over and buy a copy for the exorbitant price of $1.99!

Here’s the first three chapters as a preview.