The proofs for Thrilling Action Stories! are on their way to me. If they look good, a print version of the first adventure bundle from Black Campbell should be available in a few weeks. There looks to be some f#$@ery about whether I can have this set up as part of the bundle, so there may be a delay if I have to talk to the folks at DriveThruRPG about making this a completely separate product.

Publish and learn!

thrilling action stories

As we slide into home for The Queen of the Orient, our sourcebook on 1930s Shanghai, I thought it was time to slap together our first series of adventures for Fate and Ubiquity into bundles.

Now you can get the jungle adventure The White Apes of the Congo, a murder whodunit with Murder on the Hindenburg, spy action during the 1936 Olympics in The Zugspitze Maneuver, a race for The Illuminati Treasure, and the mystical secrets of the Orient in The Death Jade in the Thrilling Action Stories! bundle for $7.50.

Just hit the link for the version you’re interested in, and once again — thank you!

thrilling action stories