So, we finally got the first session/”issue” of our Atomic Robo game up and running. In it, the characters are playing agents of the Office of Scientific Intelligence — a superscience spy agency, ala SHIELD, that likes to think of itself as the stand-up spy agency. They see the antics of Majestic 12 as dangerous and counterproductive…but do a lot of shady stuff, as well.

The characters the players picked were Agent Craig Scott, the smooth-talking ladies man and bureaucrat; the other chose the parkour-action engineer, Agent James Crille. The discarded characters became NPCs — a cryptobiologist and a Silicon Valley roboticist.

The first issue was more of an introduction ti the mechanics, the universe, and the flavor of the game: the team was dispatched to Ōshima, Japan to investigate a possible cover-up of what was going on at the Fukushima nuclear reactor by the company running the place, a division of Big Science! Hojin (Big Science! from the comic.) They slip in, use robots to investigate they are running from a panel van, disguised at power company employees. They biffed a few rolls during their brainstorming as to the strange green fluorescent material and unusually low radiation and temperatures in the reactor room, (Recently reported in real life…) so I had their activities discovered by Big Science!, who dispatch Science Team Super 5 — a Power Rangers-esque team of hero scientists from the comics.

Scott proceeds to hit the Deceive skill hard, playing it up as him being — gaijin and all — a member of the power company thrilled to meet them and asking for autographs. A great roll made better by the player going fanboy in the extreme and speaking in Japanese! They’ve just about made it out without issue when an earthquake strikes. The other player and NPCs witness something moving in the reactor: a giant monstrous thing that eats their robot. Said kaiju monster then busts out of the plant: it’s a giant crab, several stories tall, breathing atomic fire, and rampaging through the city.

Science Team Super 5 makes their attempt to fight the creature with no luck, but dispatches Scott and company, with Guardian Pink to grab their giant “monster stomping robot” (that was one of the aspects) to fight this “folly of man” (one of the crab’s aspects.) Rocket launcher action, giant robot armed with giant sword piloted by our parkour hero and Guardian Pink, and loads of collateral damage later, and they’ve taken the creature down.

This included using the “collateral consequence” rules to keep Scott from getting fried with a 8 shift physical harm when the crab lit up Big Science!’s local HQ with the atomic breath. Later, Scott used a contact-based stunt to create an aspect on the JSDF officer that had come to arrest them; he was a friend of Scott from the ’90s when they “fought the yakuza together.” His team safely free of jail time for espionage or destroying section of Ōshima, they find out the earthquake was some kind of seismic and gravitational event out in the Bonin Islands. An island has mysteriously appeared in the space of three hours, wrecking havoc on the weather and seas around it, and creating tsunamis.

They are contacted by OSI and told to meet up with a carrier group near the event. After a helicopter ride in which they watch the recon flight of an EA-18G Growler that loses power as it nears the island and is lost. The team brainstorms that the island is the creating the weather, oceanic, and gravitational anomalies and might itself be an island sized machine of some sort.

They arrive on the carrier and get briefed by the group’s admiral on a mission by the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Strategic Science Division in November 1943…

That was the cliffhanger for the night.

Overall, the game played swiftly and with almost no need to look in the book at the rules. There were a few issues with using stunts and aspects but those were sorted out quickly. The big thing we missed was using fate points like plot points in Cortex to “get out of death” by buying down damage.

I’ve only quizzed on player so far on the mechanics, but the quick consensus was that the stripped down Atomic Robo version of Fate played much quicker and easier than Fate normally does, and that it well suited the tone of the comics and the style of play it was trying to evoke. I only had to explain bits of the rules for the Fate newbie for 5 minutes or so; the rest was on the fly. I did think that it might be handy to have some Post-It notes for tracking the aspects. Atomic Robo doesn’t have as many crowding up the field as, say, Firefly, so it was much more manageable, but the stickies will make it more convenient. For Fate points, we used spent 5.7mm casings, like we do for Battlestar Galactica…works great, as they are small and a bunch fit in an old Fossil watch box (that has something about Peace and Love on it.)

The only real issue was balancing the opposition to the characters. The crab was a bit over powerful, so I stepped it down a bit to fit better. We thought that having another player would aid in the banter that the game seems to want to create with the brainstorming rules — again, mimicking the style of the comics.

Overall, I was very pleased with the first run of the game, even though it was a short intro session, and I’m looking forward to next week, when we flashback to 1943.

For those who are interested…the Fukushima Crab Monster!


Modes & Skills: Superb +5 Kaiju: Atomic Breath, Physique, Provoke, Tooth and Claw +6 (Epic); Aspect: City-Stomping Monster. Great +4 Mutant; The Folly of Man. Good +3 Crab: Combat +3; Claw!

Stresses — Physical: 5 Mental: 2

Stunts: 10 stories high! Bulletproof and fearproof. Physique to defend against other attacks. Weapon 4 for strength attacks; Wake of Destruction: Success w/ Style & FP to cause lowest collateral damage consequence in addition to any other harm; Atomic Breath: Weapon 4

…and on the other side…


Modes & Skills: Great (+4) Mecha: Athletics, Combat, Physique, Provoke +4; Aspect: Monster-Stomping Mecha.

Stunts: Walking Tank: Use Physique vs. combat, Armor 2; Advanced Sensor Suite: +1 to Notice; Giant Melee Weapons: Weapon 4

Stresses: Physical 4 Mental (use character’s)

We’ll be starting out first Atomic Robo game — something I’ve been looking forward to doing for months, now. Our first volume The Perils of Science! will start in modern day, but several of the middle issues will take place in 1943, during World War II.

One of the “special guests” in one of the issues, taking place at the Philadelphia Naval Yards will be…


Concept Aspect: Science-Fiction Engineer, Omega Aspect: Pulmonary Tuburculosis

Modes and Skills:  Good (+3) Banter: Provoke, Will +4, Contacts, Deceive, Empathy, Rapport +3; Aspect: Failed Politician. Fair (+2) Science!: Aeronautical Engineering +4, Naval Engineering, Notice, Physics +3; Aspect: Thin line between science-fiction & science fact. Average (+1) Action: Combat +2, Athletics, Physique, Vehicles +1; Aspect: Best swordsman in the navy!

Stunts: Do the Math!: 1 fate point to use Will for one Science! skill for a scene; Forceful Personality: Use Will for Rapport when attempting seduction or initial attempts to befriend; Mind Over Matter: 1/scene, can check a mental stress box to absorb a physical hit; Storyteller: If talking to people for a few minutes, gains a free boost on them in Deceive or Rapport tests; Will Over Illness: 1/issue, can take a complication and add the value to a single test.

Stresses:   Physical 2, Mental 4

At the time, Heinlein was a naval reserve officer (lieutenant) working as an aerospace engineer at the Philadelphia Naval Yard, where he met his true love, the amazingly intelligent and redheaded “Ginny” Gerstenfeld., a lieutenant in the WAVES.

He will be working the the Strategic Science Division to try and create a device to cloak ships from radar and sight using confiscated Teslatech after the explosion at that famed inventor’s home/laboratory.

Blaxploitation time!

Napoleon Jones

Concept Aspect: Undercover Brother; Omega Aspect: I Ain’t No Sell Out!

MODES: Martial Artist +3: Athletics, Combat, Notice +5, Physique, Stealth: +4, Will +3; Aspect: Bad-Ass Mutha f@#$er

Action +2: Provoke +3; Aspect: When you need me, I’ll be there…

Intrigue +1; Brother can’t be too sure…

STUNTS: Dragon Style: +1 combat in hand-to-hand, Weapon 1; Jive Talkin’: Use Will for Deceive or Rapport when “being bad.”; Lightning Reflexes: Go first in combat; Pain Ain’t Nothin’: 1/scene, check two physical stress and add, soak that value of physical harm; Ten-Oxen Punch: Fate point to break inanimate object

STRESSES: Physical: 4, Mental 5

Harry Milquetoast

Concept Aspect: Gentleman Spy; Aspect: Queen and Country

MODES: Banter +3: Contacts, Deceive, Provoke, Will +4; Aspect: Manners Maketh the Man

Action +2: Notice, Vehicles +3; Aspect: Judo Expert

Secret Agent +2; Aspect: This Requires the Greatest Discretion

STUNTS: Black Umbrella: +2 Combat using ‘brawley; Could You Help Me?: Use Deceive for Combat to attack unsuspecting opponent; Judo Black Belt: When defending with Combat, a success with style give a three shift hit to opponent; Signature Aspect: Britain’s Top Agent; Tech Sent This…: 1/volume can spend a Fate point to have a Mega-Stunt gadget limited to Contacts rating.

STRESSES: Physical: 3, Mental: 4

…and his sidekick…

“Coco Pebbles” Post

Concept Aspect: Breakin’ Barriers; Omega Aspect: I Ain’t Nobobdy’s Squeeze!

MODES: Banter +3: Contacts, Deceive, Provoke +4; Aspect: I Know a Guy…

Secret Agent +2: Notice, Vehicles +3; Aspect: I’m kinda new at this…

Action +1; Aspect: Kung-Fu Mama

STUNTS: ‘fro Pick: +1 combat, Weapon 1; Funky Kung-Fu: When defending with Combat, a success w/ style give opponent a 3 shift physical hit; I Don’t always Get Captured: A fate point allows her to concede after a defense; Impeccable Timing: Fate point to go next in combat;

MEGA-STUNT: Where’d You Hide That?: +2 to defend against search when in tight or revealing clothing; a Fate point allows her to have either 1) a small gadget to add +1 to a skill to overcome/create and advantage 1/scene OR, 2) have a Weapon 1 for 1 scene.

STRESSES: Physical: 2, Mental: 4


Here’s a few characters to fit in the early Cold War:

Artemis Campbell

Concept Aspect: Smuggler Queen; Omega Aspect: The Med is Mine

MODES: Master Criminal +3: Notice +5, Combat, Contacts, Deceive, Stealth, Vehicles+4; Cold Warrior for Capitalism

Action +2: Provoke +3; Aspect: Former Greek Partisan Fighter

Intrigue +1; Big Swiss Bank Account

STUNTS: Deep Cover: Use Deceive for Provoke/Rapport when in disguise; Die Another Day: Fate point to concede after defense; Little Black Book: When in a new town, etc. Contacts v. +4 to gain contact-based aspect with free invoke, can trade invoke for second aspect;

MEGA-STUNT (1940s): Pikros (MAS-205); Function: Fast Torpedo Boat; Flaw: Seen Better Days; Fast Boat — +2 to overcome with vehicles in chase; Smuggling Hold — +2 to defend against searches.


MEGA-STUNT (1950s): Ariel, Function: 60′ Yacht; Flaw: Wind-Powered; Smuggler’s Hold — +2 to defend against searches; A Beautiful Boat — +2 to create social aspect with Rapport when Ariel is involved.

sylphe under spi 1

STRESSES: Physical: 3, Mental: 3

Major John Nolan, USAR, OSI

This is a post-war version of Nolan, now working for the new Office of Scientific Intelligence.

Concept Aspect: Cold Warrior; Omega Aspect: Same war, different tactics…

MODES: Secret Agent +3: Contacts +5, Deceive, Notice, Vehicles +4; Aspect: Protecting the free world.

Soldier +2: Will +3; Aspect: Things were simpler during the war…

Banter +1; Aspect: The truth is complicated…

STUNTS: Cover Story: Use Deceive to defend against interrogation; Mega-Stunt Gear: 1/volume, can spend a point to have high tech gear with a rating no higher than his Contacts; Got It Off a Nazi Officer…: +1 to combat with a Weapon 1 (Walther P-38 9mm); Signature Aspect: Our Best Man…; Shake It Off: 1/scene, can check two physical stress boxes & add values, then soak that number of physical shifts.

STRESSES: Physical: 3, Mental: 3

Nigel Rainey

Concept Aspect: Cat Burglar Turned Spy; Omega Aspect: Better than prison…

MODES — Intrigue +3: Notice +5, Athletics, Burglary, Contacts, Deceive, Stealth +4; Aspect: I thought you were in jail…

Secret Agent +2: Vehicles +3; Aspect: Jet-Setter

Actions +1; Aspect: Combat means you screwed up.

STUNTS: Come Alone: +2 to overcome w/ contacts when alone & meeting contact; Deep Cover: Use Deceive for Rapport or Provoke when under cover; Didn’t See Me Coming: Use Stealth for Combat when your target is unaware of you; Master Plan: Allies can invoke an aspect you’ve made at +3; Second Story job: +2 Athletics for climbing.

STRESSES: Physical: 4, Mental: 2

 Richard Crichton

Concept Aspect: The Wheelman; Omega Aspect: Adventure is Calling!

MODES: Wheelman +3: Notice, Vehicles+5, Contacts, Mechanic +4; Aspect: If it’ll start, I can drive it.

Action +2: Athletics +3; Aspect: Race care driver

Intrigue +1; Aspect: High Profile is my cover

STUNTS: Bar Room Brawler: +2 Combat using fists; Just a Good Ol’ Boy: +2 with Vehicles to create aspect with stunt maneuver; Peddle to the Metal: +2 vehicle to overcome in a chase; Quick! Turn Here!: In a chase, use Vehicle for Stealth to hide from pursuer; Rev’ It: Use Vehicle for Provoke to intimidate with a vehicle.

STRESSES: Physical: 3, Mental: 2

Some of the characters done up for the WWII flashbacks for the upcoming campaign…

Captain John Nolan, USAR

Nolan commands a small team of “action scientists” in Echo Company, of the Strategic Science Division of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Much of E Co.’s work had been in Europe, but with the Germans out of the fight, they find themselves facing the notorious Japanese Unit 723 and their Division X!

Concept Aspect: Combat Engineer; Omega Aspect: When all this is over…

MODES — Soldier +3: Notice +5, Athletics, Combat, Physique, Tactics, Vehicles, Will +4; Aspect: Violence First, Science Later

Science! +2: Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer +3; Aspect: Been on some big projects…

Action +1; Aspect: From a Tough Neighborhood

STUNTS: Battlefield Commander: Any of his team that can hear his order gain +2 when put in harm’s way; Remember your Training: Get +3 when invoking enemy’s aspect or complications; This is My Rifle: +2 to combat with military weapons; This is my Gun (Thompson .45): Weapon 2; Shake It Off!: 1/scene, check two physical stress boxes and add values; soak this number of shifts physical harm.

STRESSES: Physical: 4, Mental: 3

Lieutenant Sebastian Koch, USAR

Concept Aspect: Enthusiastic New Guy; Omega Aspect: Is that a German Accent?

MODES — Science! +3: Biology, Will +5, Chemistry, Notice, Zoology +4; Aspect: ABD, Scrips Institute

Action +2: Athletics, Provoke +3; Aspect Family Escaped the Nazis in ’38

Banter +1; Well-Educated

STUNTS: Charismatic: Use Will for a Banter skill to overcome in social conflict; Chicago Typewriter: +1 combat with the weapon, Weapon 1; Grew Up Around Boats: +2 Vehicle to create/overcome aspect with boats in a chase; Publish or Perish: Gains +3 when using a brainstorm aspect he created; Widely Read: Fate point to use Will for a science skill for one scene.

STRESSES: Physical: 3, Mental: 3

Lieutenant Reed Smith, USN

The young and handsome commander of a PT boat put at the SSD’s disposal.

Concept Aspect: PT Boat Commander; Omega Aspect: First Heroics, Then Politics!

MODES — Officer +3: Athletics, Combat, Contacts, Notice, Physique, Vehicles, Will +4; Aspect: Sailed the America’s Cup

Banter +2: Provoke +3; Aspect: Rhode Island Royalty

Action +1; Played Football for Yale

STUNTS: Just a Little Chop: +2 Vehicles to overcome in bad weather; Passionate Orator: Use Will for Banter skill when addressing a large group; She’ll Hold together: Any vehicle he pilots gains an Armor 2; Skull & Bones: When in a new place, Contacts v. +4 to create a contact-based aspect. Can trade a free invoke for a second aspect;

MEGA-STUNT — PT-111 (“Trip Aces”): Function: PT Boat; Flaw; Limited Range; Aspects: Torpedo Boat — Weapon 4; Weapon 5 at a cost; Fast B*@#$: +2 to overcome with a vehicle in a chase.

STRESSES:  Physical: 4, Mental: 4

AMM3 Leslie Rook, WAVES

Concept Aspect: Ms. Fix-It; Omega Aspect: Just as good as a man!

MODES — Gearhead +3: Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering +5, Electrical Engineering, Vehicles, Will +4; Aspect: Machines are Easy, People are Hard!

Banter +2: Provoke +3; Sugar & Spice, and Everything Documented

Action +1; Mean Right Hook.

STUNTS: Chewing Gum & Bailing Wire: Fate point reduces vehicle consequence 1 step for  one scene, but consequence increases two steps after until recovery; Improvisational Genius: 1 free benie on create/modify an invention or vehicle; Girls Talk: When in a new post, Contacts v. +4 to have a contact-based aspect, can trade free invoke for a second aspect; She’ll Hold Together: Any vehicle she worked or works on has an Armor 2; Tool Kit: +1 to create/overcome with engineering.

STRESSES: Physical: 2, Mental: 3

So I’ve been prepping up an Atomic Robo game over the last few months, but really threw myself into it a few weeks ago when it was obvious that our Battlestar Galactica campaign was coming to a close. I wanted to emulate the flashbacks-tied-to-modern-story flavor of the comic…but without using Robo, so I decided to do up characters for each of the decades between the 1930s and today. The modern group is working for the following faction:

Office of Scientific Intelligence, a DoD operation that was spun out of a superscience group under the US Army Corps of Engineers during WWII.

Mission Statement: On the forefront of science!   Mode: Fair (+2); Resources (Intel +4, R&D+3)

The team leader:

Agent Craig Scott

Concept Aspect: Smooth Operator; Omega Aspect: Getting too old for this…

MODES: Secret Agent +3 — Contacts, Deceive +5, Burglary, Notice, Stealth, Vehicles +4; Aspect: Keeping the World Safe…Quietly.

Banter +2 — Rapport, Will +3; Aspect: I can talk myself into trouble, then out in a sentence…

Intrigue +1; Aspect: I used to be good at this…

STUNTS: (1 open)

Cover Story: Use deceive to defend against mental attacks during interrogation.; Director’s Personal Number: When in a new city/country/etc., Contacts v. +4 to gain an aspect from the contact with a free invoke. Can trade the free invoke for a 2nd aspect.; Service Weapon (SIG-Sauer P228): +1 combat with the weapon, Weapon 1.; Trained Assassin: Use stealth for physical combat when the target is unaware of you.

Stresses — Physical: 2, Mental: 5

Dr. Rafael “Rafe” Marquez

Concept Aspect: Hunky Doctor; Omega Aspect: Knowledge is its own reward.

MODES: Science! +3 — Genetics, Medicine +5, Notice, Will: +4; Aspect: Johns Hopkins…’nuf said.

Action +2 — Athletics +3; Aspect: Weekend Fitness Nut

Banter +1; Aspect: I do okay…

STUNTS: 1 open

Feel the Burn: 1/issue, take a consequence to add that value to a physical test; Medical Bag: +1 to step back a consequence with Medicine skill; One Raised Eyebrow: +2 empathy to defeat lies; Publish or Perish: Can invoke a brainstorm he created at +3

STRESSES — Physical: 3, Mental: 4

Dr. Paul Koch

Concept Aspect: Underestimated Genius; Omega Aspect: Truth is stranger than we know.

MODES: Science! +3 — Biochemistry, Cryptobiology, Notice +5; Aspect: Thin Line between science fact and science fiction

Action +2; Aspect: Being a hero is tough…

Intrigue +1; Aspect: Secrets are hard…

STUNTS: 1 open

Red Eye Radio: When gaining an aspect from a contact, invoke is free or can exchange a free invoke for an extra aspect.; Shake It Off: 1/scene, can check to physical stress boxes and add the values, then absorb that many shifts of damage; Synergy: with a Fate Point, use Notice for any science skill for 1 scene; Publish or Perish: When invoking a brainstorm aspect he created, get +3.

Agent James Crille

Concept Aspect; Action Engineering!; Omega Aspect: In it for the fun.

MODES: Martial Artist +3 — Notice +5, Athletics, Combat, Physique, Will +4; Aspect: At one with the violence.

Science! +2 — Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering +4; Aspect: Right tool for the right job.

Action +1; Aspect: Parkour, bitches!


Feel the Burn: 1/issue, take a consequence to add that value to a physical test; Multi-tool: +1 to create/overcome with engineering; Numbers Cruncher: With a Fate Point, use Will for a cience skill for 1 scene; Parkour: +1 to create/overcome aspect with Athletics; Shake It Off: 1/scene, check two physical stress boxes and add values then absorb that number of shifts of damage.

STRESSES — Physical: 4, Mental: 3

Agent Mala Kapoor

Concept Aspect: Tech Industry Refugee; Omega Aspect: My gender shouldn’t matter!

MODES: Science! +3 — Cybernetics, Robotics +5, Notice, Will +4; Sufficiently Advanced Technology

Intrigue +2 — Contacts, Deceive +3; Aspect: I survived tech sector politics.

Banter +1 — Rapport +2; Forgiveness is easier than permission.


I’m In!: 1 fate point to use computer science instead of burglary for one scene; Laptop of Doom!: +1 create/overcome aspect with computer science; Numbers Cruncher: 1 fate point to use Will for a science skill for one scene; Publish or Perish: When using a brainstorm asepct she created, gain +3; The Girls’ Club: In a new city, country, etc. Contacts v. +4 to gain a contact-based aspect with free invoke. Can trade free invoke for a second aspect.

STRESSES — Physical: 3, Mental: 4

Something I’m cooking up for the 1950 and 1970s period of our Atomic Robo game:


The wheelman is an expert with a vehicle (usually car, truck, boat…) and is often hired to get people in and out of a mission safely. The thought here is to emulate the bootlegger turned racer or getaway driver.

Skills: Contacts, Mechanic, Notice, Vehicles

Improvements: Specialize two trained skills.

Sample Stunts:

Duck in That Alley!: For a Fate Point, use Vehicle instead of Stealth to hide from a pursuer.

Just a Good Ol’ Boy: +2 with Vehicle skill to create an advantage when attempting a fancy stunt.

Peddle to the Metal: +1 to vehicle test when overcoming in a chase.

Rev’ It: Use Vehicle instead of Provoke when in a vehicle.

She’ll Hold Together: The vehicle driven has an Armor: 2.

Majestic 12 a bit too fast on the trigger and under the radar for you? Here’s a faction for our upcoming “pilot” game to see if the group is interested in running the Atomic Robo game:

Office of Scientific Intelligence:

Formed out of the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ Strategic Science Division (SSD) in 1946, Office of Scientific Intelligence was the more legitimate face of superscience research and was immediately tied to the new Atomic Energy Commission with the passage of the McMahon Act. The “theft” of their science division led the intelligence and military community to push Majestic 12 on the president in 1948.

The SSD had been formed by the Department of War in 1930 in an attempt to recreate some of the developments of Telsa Heavy Industries — specifically Atomic Robo — but also other “superscience” organizations around the world. The focus on research and legitimate scientific inquiry continued throughout the early years of OSI, which would later become conflated with the Air Force organization of the same name. By the late 1960s, however, OSI increasingly shifted from R&D toward intelligence gathering and analysis. Plowing the same ground as MJ12 and Daedalus, OSI was frequently at odds with these groups, particularly as they were not competing for budgeting.

OSI was renamed and the mandate shifted toward more science-related counterintelligence with the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974 to become the Division of Energy Research. DER survived the 1977 creation of the Department of Energy, only to be re-renamed in 1992 to the Office of Scientific Intelligence.

US Corps of Engineers’ Strategic Science Division (SSD) — 1930-1946

Mission Statement: Scientia est Victoria (Knowledge is Victory)

Mode: Average (+1); Resources (R&D +3) — after 1942-1946: Mode: Fair (+2); Resources (Transport +4, Armory +3)

Office of Scientific Investigations — 1946-1974

Mission Statement: Protecting the Nation Through Science!

Mode: Fair (+2); Resources (R&D +4, Transport +3) — after 1960 (R&D +4, Intel +3)

Division of Energy Research — 1975-1992

Mission Statement: The Secret Sword of Science!

Mode: Fair (+2); Resources (Intel +4, R&D +3)

Office of Scientific Intelligence — since 1992

Mission Statement: On the forefront of science!

Mode: Fair (+2); Resources (Intel +4, R&D+3)

amyfrpppyhs56kirr6tw-734364I was just spitballing a version of the Hawkgirl character that DC has been floating around in their Bombshell series. We have the classic redheaded tomboy in a flight suit, lace-up boots, and a winged rocketpack, with a hawkman helmet. It’s a great 30s/40s image and I thought I’d do a basic write up of a pulp-period aerobat.

First, in Atomic Robo‘s Fate-powered system:


Concept Aspect: Rocket-Powered Aerobat; Omega Concept: Yearning for Adventure!

Stress:  Mental – 3, Physical – 4

Pilot Mode +3: Contacts +4, Notice, +4, Vehicles +4; Aspect: Fly It Like I Stole It

Action Mode +2: Provoke +3; Aspect: Wingwalker

Banter Mode +1: Rapport +2, Will +2; Aspect: Sugar & Spice

Stunts: Barnstormer, Breakneck Ace, 2 more to be decided in play

…and then in Hollow Earth Expedition


Archetype: Adventuress     Motivation: Escape

ATTRIBUTES:   Body: 2, Dexterity: 3, Strength: 2, Charisma: 4, Intelligence: 2, Willpower: 3

SECONDARY ATTRIBUTES:   Size: 0, Move: 5, Perception: 5, Initiative: 5, Defense: 5, Stun: 2, Health: 5, Style: 3

RESOURCES & TALENTS:   Artifact 2 — Jetpack, Attractive, Evasive Action, Lucky, Mobile Attack

FLAWS:   Impulsive, Overconfident

SKILLS:   Acrobatics 4/7, Athletics 3/5, Brawl 2/4, Con 2/6, Diplomacy 1/5, Drive 2/5, Pilot, Air 3/6 (Jetpack 7), Ride 1/4, Stealth 2/5, Streetwise 1/5

Jetpack — Size: -1, Def: 4, Str: 5, Spd: 100, Han: -2, Crew: 1



I thought I’d take a shot at writing up a few characters from various Hollow Earth Expedition campaigns in the new Atomic Robo RPG by Evil Hat:


This character started as a joke and powered a cool half dozen or so adventures. I have his stats for HEX somewhere around here, but couldn’t find them quickly, so you’ll have to take my word the character design came out pretty close to that of the original. The character was a WWI flying ace who gets turned into a gorilla by accident while fighting Nazi scientists in Africa.

Concept Aspect: Human Trapped in a Gorilla Body

Good Mode +3 (Gorilla) — Aspect: Created by Nazi Science; Provoke +5, Athletics +4, Physique +4, Notice +4, Tooth and Claw +3

Fair Mode +2 (Action) — Aspect: WWI Flying Ace; Vehicles +4, Combat +3

Average Mode +1 (Banter) — Aspect: If they like you, you’re not a freak… ; Will +3

Omega Aspect: Might as well enjoy it…

Stunts: Barnstorming: +2 to create an advantage w/ vehicles when flying; No Time to Bleed: use will to defend against physical damage when a consequence is involved; Look Out Below!: +2 to overcome w/ athletics when swinging or jumping; Terrible Growl: Use Provoke for defending vs. fear attacks; Vincetti Sportster #1: +2 to vehicles when flying his VS#1

Physical Stress: 5   Mental Stress: 5


One of the more popular characters of our last Hollow Earth campaign was Jack MacMahon — a son of wealthy New York Democrat Party operatives, Columbia trained lawyer who couldn’t pass the bar, and showy womanizer. He evolved into the super gun bunny rich boy who wasn’t stupid, but had the sense of…well, a really stupid person. Again, a very close match to the HEX character.

Jack MacMahon

Concept Aspect: Handsome, but Thick Man of Action

Good Mode +3 (Action) — Aspect: Not in the Face!; Athletics +4, Notice +4, Provoke +4, Combat +3, Physique +3, Vehicles +3

Fair Mode +2 (Banter) — Aspect: Winning Style & Boatloads of Style!; Contacts +3, Deceive +3, Empathy, Rapport, and Will +2

Average Mode +1 (Intrigue) — Aspect: Sucker for a Dame ; Burglary +1, Stealth +1

Omega Aspect: Trust Fund Baby

Stunts: Friends in High Places — +2 to rapport in high society functions; Betty and Carla, his S&W Registered .357 Magnum (#RM11) and his Winchester 1897 .357 magnum (#002): Weapon 2; Stupid Is What I Do — +2 to overcome with athletics when difficulty is Good or higher. Two left to set.

Physical Stress: 4   Mental Stress: 4


And the “lead” for our current HEX campaign:

Thomas Drake

Concept Aspect: Disreputable Archeologist

Good Mode +3 (Science) — Aspect: Little More Than a Tomb Raider, but… ; Archeology +5, History +5, Notice +5, Geology +4, Will +3

Fair Mode +2 (Intrigue) — Aspect: It’s a Cut-throat Business…; Athletics +3

Average Mode +1 (Action) — Aspect: Good Man in a Pinch; All at +1

Omega Aspect: Fortune & Glory!

Stunts: Not If I See You First — Use notice for stealth when target has not seen you; Best in a Dirty Business; Hoopcycle — +2 vehicle tests when using the hoopcycle; 2 left to set

Physical Stress: 3   Mental Stress: 4